Comfortable winter pants that are NOT jeans--help!

  1. They’re above your price point but JJill has amazing options like what you describe. Work friendly but sooooooo comfy, natural fibers, gentle on the waist, etc. Worth the splurge imo.

  2. They also do serious sales from time to time. Gotta watch the deals, but I’ve gotten pants I’ve worn for years under $20.

  3. Last winter I owned a pair of black corduroy overalls that I wore all the time because it was soft, let my skin breathe, and there wasn’t a waistband. Similarly, corduroy pants could be a good option! It’ll be hard to find some with an elastic waistband but at the very least, the waistband will be softer than denim material

  4. Second to Uniqlo! I own 6 pairs of their leggings pants... and they are the only pants I own. They do look pants-y (the legs are definitely not clingier than normal pants for me), but to OP's casual point, they do have back pockets which could read more casual.

  5. I was going to recommend the Uniqlo Heattech fleece lined pants! You cant feel any cold at all through them and they even work in the snow.

  6. I would look for secondhand or vintage wool trousers. They’ll be less expensive and better quality than you can get at most places now, and you’ll have a ton to choose from.

  7. They are my personal favorite for secondhand is ThreadUp because they tend to have a lot of selection. Get a $10-25 pair that fit you in the hips, and then go to a tailor/seamstress.

  8. Regarding your preferences about the waist and the difference between waist and hips, I'd suggest looking for options in ''paperbag'' style, I feel like those always look really nice, as they can be fitted at the waist whilst the leg area tends to be quite comfy and roomy. If you're into it, you can look for some corduroy pants in that style, as they'll be quite warm!. Also, as another comment suggested before, if the weather is too cold, you could use some warm leggings underneath that style too, as it wouldn't be very noticeable.

  9. I have very wide hips and a small waist like OP, and whenever I've tried paperbag pants, they are either way too flared at the bottom and make me look fat, or I have to buy them larger to fit my hips and tighten them so much at the waist that they look horrible. I want soooo bad for paperbag pants to fit me!!

  10. Athleta brand has some nice textured leggings (looks expensive ) in different neutral colours. Paired with a long sweater or blouse would be comfy and stylish .

  11. Their Farallon jogger is thick, warm and looks like canvas so it is appropriate for day wear vs loungewear.

  12. hm’s “loose fit twill mom pants”. i have a 13” difference between hips and waist and they barely gap (and look so cute cinched with a belt). they are super stretchy but look like jeans! they are my favorite pants on the planet. only problem is that they are out of stock constantly 😩

  13. I'm usually in fashion Cargo pants most of the time. Many of them have an elastic waist and you could even wear tights under them for extra warmth. My favorites are the Cobain pants from I.AM.GIA and some limited KarenBritChick x The Drop pants. I also have a small waist and big hips.

  14. I wear leather joggers, they’re stretchy and comfortable (only get better as they wear in) AND they look cool and put together. Very versatile. Natural fibres too. The pair I have were made for me and the back is 100% wool and the front is lambs leather

  15. I love Pixie pants from Old Navy, although they are not natural fibers. They stretch, though, and last forever and you can find them in nice, standard colors (ALL OF THE COLORS). I have also had a lot of success buying pants off of Etsy. I bought two pairs of wool pants from

  16. Old Navy Pixies are my go to for this. They’re super flattering and if you can catch them on sale they’re a great deal.

  17. Go on Shein. They have cute jeans with elastic waist and they’re super cheap and I’m sure you’ll find a lot of things you love

  18. Uniqlo has great chinos that are super stretchy and durable in multiple colours. For extra cold days get their temperature control leggings, their tech is seriously underrated but very good.

  19. i got some straight legged blank pants from ardene in february.. if you're in super cold weather during winter maybe it won't work but you can always wear warm leggings under it. they were 40$ and work in casual and formal settings! 😊

  20. Zara has been bringing back their thick fabric "formal leggins" every winter for a few years now, some with colour offsets, some with a pleat or zipper detailorsomething, but usually with a soft elastic waistband. I quite like wearing those for work, especially if you're sitting all day they're much better than jeans.

  21. I have wool-ish pants with an half-elastic waistband from Aritzia and they are a DREAM in the winter. Not sure if they still have anything similar still in stock, bur being a Canadian brand I do find they have some thicker fabrics available in general

  22. Last year I got some thick wool trousers that are cut like slacks, but have an elasticized waist from Banana Republic. They are very warm and comfortable and they're what I wear to commute to work on cold days, but they could work casually too.

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  24. They're expensive, but merino wool underlayers are fantastic. They're naturally antimicrobial/breathable too, so multiple wears and then a light wash does just fine. If you can catch a sale on smartwool brand stuff, I would say anything less than $70-$75 is a deal. I've found underlayers in the $50 range, even. Make sure that the percentage of wool is around 95%, a lot of cheaper brands are polyester with wool sprinkled in. They're thin enough to fit under many styles of pants/fabric.

  25. Eileen Fisher wool lantern pants is your jam. They have versions with a flat waist and side zip, and an elastic waist version. They're very high quality, often come in black and other neutrals, and are made of sustainable wool.

  26. When my old chinos wore out I replaced them with a bunch of pairs of the Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pants with the comfort waistband at the sides. They used to sell them at J C. Penny, but when they stopped I switched to buying them from Amazon, where they are currently on sale. The fabric is thicker so they are autumn/winter/spring weight. Plus they have deep front pockets that can easily hold your cell phone.

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