What should I do?

  1. Idk if your parent are open to the lgbtq so maybe,if you dont know either,can try to throw the subject without speaking of you. And same for your friends. If their reaction are good maybe you can just say it litle by litle by being more yourself around them. Idk if this can help but i dont really go with a lot of idea

  2. I’m a bit older and just recently came out to my wife and I like you was having issues trying to keep it in and was trying to find the perfect way to tell her. In the end I just went for it she was in the living room and I just came out of the bedroom fully dressed. You probably shouldn’t do it exactly like that but be direct just go for it, it’s terrifying but you’ll never find the “right” things to say so just say it. Goodluck whatever you decide I hope everything turns out well for you!

  3. My advice are probably not the best, but I'd say that you should maybe try to see the opinions of your friends (make sure it's one's you can trust a lot) about femboys (make it look not so obvious if you don't want them to quickly know your one), and if they are okay with femboy, just come out. I'm not sure of the probability of this being successful, I'm not smart enough for that, but in my opinion this seems like it could help you, I guess

  4. Honestly living the lifestyle discreetly can release some of the pressure. I’ve been dressing for 14 years (I’m 23) and that always helped and I started sleeping with guys in 6th grade. Those moments always helped me releases a bit. It’s taken me awhile to where I’m able to go clubbing or shopping dolled up and tell ppl. My mom thinks I’m gay but doesnt know I’m trans/non-binary. Just try to live it a little is my advice.

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