First time trying a fent M30, feel a lil nauseous. I snorted only a quarter or like half of one but I need advice.

  1. Don't even bother fuckin with them things brotha opiates are the fuckin devil and the addiction comes on quicker and harder than you could imagine, that being said if youre going to regardless of what some random on Reddit says fuck with legit prescription opiates or REAL heroin which is hard to find depending where ur at...just my two cents

  2. first time i tried m30 i took a whole 💀 felt the same as u pretty much. threw up a bit and slept the whole day after, and kept having muscle spasms. as long as you don’t feel like you’re completely dying i wouldnt be concerned or take narcan or anything

  3. Woke up recently , it was wild night lmao I’m good on fent. Had a nasty nauseous nod n threw up a bit to let it out but I’m all good 💀

  4. Go for a walk get some fresh air.. sweating might not be a bad thing cause you might sweat it out faster.. but try to fight the nod.. like I get up and do something..and if you don’t like the high them that’s your body and mind telling you something!! So even if your offered some you can jus politely refuse! It’s your like your potentially saving! So good luck for now until this uncomfortable feeling passes!

  5. You just sound anxious man, don't do fent unless you have a massive tolerance or know your body and how it reacts to opioids

  6. I’m not a first timer but as far as strong ass fent I was just wondering how I should’ve dealt with the nausea, I just relaxed n yacked when I needed to. It was alright but I’m fs not gonna be doing fent again.

  7. are you good? hot and sweaty for me started when i started doing too much. i’m an experienced user and od’d and almost died a couple days ago from doing 3/4’s of the pill. every pill has a different amount and it’s a game with your life every time. throw that shit away.

  8. Appreciate the advice but they’re not mine I was offered some but I don’t like the high that much n won’t try it again.

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