Can't login or even enter user/pass in launcher, friends cannot either

  1. Friendly reminder that this ISN’T an installation issue. Don’t panic uninstall your game because you will not be able to reinstall it until the issue with Steam is solved.

  2. Well, guess it's not just me. Tried on my desktop with Linux/Proton/Steam. Tried on my desktop with Windows/Steam. Tried on my Steam Deck. All the same error.

  3. Folks in my FC on the main SE launcher are apparently fine, seems like this is a Steam/SE integration thing.

  4. What's interesting about this situation, that from PS5 game start successfully, but tried reinstall steam with game, and nothing works.

  5. I tried using my proton vpn and it did not work for me either. I was able to use it the last time when there was a different log on issue though and was able to play the game, but it did not work for this situation. I am glad that I am not the only one and not something on my computer or connection since my husband is playing on his computer right next to me.

  6. Ugh.... Thanks for the post! Otherwise I would've not known what was going on with my account. I feel like I'm being punished for buying this darn game through steam.

  7. I'm getting error i2501 on the mogstation when trying to resub (I have steam version) since last night. Is this related? All it says is that function is unavailable for me lol

  8. Reminder to please, please, please go to the official forums (if you aren't banned) and add your voices to the technical support threads there complaining about it. SE doesn't read or care about reddit.

  9. Don't beg for a damn sub refund. If this affects players long enough they have given free time (usually a day or two).

  10. Buying it on Steam is my biggest regret. I would literally pay SE to transfer my account over if they would ever implement that.

  11. Playing literally any MMO through Steam is a trap if there's an alternative. In nearly all the MMOs I've played that have had a Steam version, there are often log-in issues that are unique to Steam.

  12. aye, i made the mistake of playing the free trial on steam only to find out the full game isnt available in my region. Have to start over with new character

  13. I thought it was all one account but you just needed a license for each platform (PC/Steam/PS) or is that accounts from SE are available on PC and PS and accounts from Steam or only available on Steam?

  14. Same here, think there might be an issue with their login server. I see some friends on the game at the moment on steam.

  15. *As of 11:05 am CST mine is currently back up and running, You may want to check it again if you haven't already*

  16. I logged out on a whim cause it was so hot, then realized I had some tribes to finish before reset... already too late now.

  17. Same here. But they could easily allow us to have the Windows version attached to the same account so we could just repurchase the game so we can login on either. I'm sure it's purely in their agreement with Steam to prevent us from doing that.

  18. Thanks for posting, makes me feel less alone lol, my pc crashed and when I came back I couldn't log in, thought I'd broken something

  19. I made the mistake of buying on steam. Got so fed up that I went and bought everything from mog station instead. So frustrating but I didn't want steam to ruin the whole game for me.

  20. I heard the official site & stuff was a disaster so I thought getting it through steam would be better, oops.

  21. Can you login on either or did you have to start over? Because if I could do that and login on either at this point it would be great.

  22. afaik there's no status to check unless anyone knows better, it would be nice to have a status page at least when this happens.

  23. When you add an expansion you need to login and let it update. If you're ingame at the time you add the code to your Square Enix account the update won't occur until you close out.

  24. Just finally was able to log in after trying for about 2 hrs. Not sure if it's just for my account, but there is an update that's downloading now... Guess I'll go find some more stuff to do for the next hour or so.

  25. It's working now...I was able to login but damn, I shouldn't have uninstalled the game so...thank you steam for wasting my time!

  26. I am having this same problem this morning. My husband who sits right next to me at his computer got on just fine. I was also playing last night with no issues. We use Steam.

  27. They really really need to offer refund sub days for stuff like this.Seems to be happening far too much. I known and still know people that only to have a hour to play before heading off to work.

  28. If you are already in there is no issue. Wife couldn't log in so I tested logging out and can't get back in. Not sure why people are blaming steam for this. It's giving the error when loading the launcher. I will say running the boot exe does bring up the username and password but can't log in cause have steam

  29. I know this is anecdotal, but I've been on the Steam version since 2015 and I honestly have not had the number of issues people seem to post on the subreddit. You'd think it was a catastrophic issue, when it's really just.....not.

  30. Doesn't change that the login servers are controlled by Steam. 37+ degrees in some areas in the UK today, staying logged in and not turning off the PC at some point will surely make it into a toaster. A real solution though would be for Steam to have a backup server that kicks in.

  31. Here is a link to solutions used the last time, in March. I am experiencing this again, however, the solutions noted here are not working for me this time.

  32. When I had that issue a couple months ago changing the steam name worked but now it doesn’t work either :T

  33. this is not a steam related problem, if it is steam the error message says "could not connect to steam" in a separate window

  34. I would just play on PS4/5 in this event but the controller I use recently died, and I hate the D-Pad location on PS4/5. I need an Xbox controller layout /:

  35. Same here, thought it was an ISP problem at first but can't manage to login in any way, tried tethering my mobile connection and even using vpn to no avail.

  36. Well fuck. I was fighting this on my husband's laptop, fully uninstalled the game, and have been trying to reinstall it for a freaking hour with weird technical issue after technical issue even on what SHOULD be a clean install. This explains it. And I'd even googled and looked here to see if anyone was reporting the same thing and nothing came up. I guess we tried logging in right as it hit.

  37. The PS5 version is pretty good with the mouse an keyboard compatibility, PS4 I had issues with my gaming mouse but PS5 feels almost as good as playing on PC

  38. Same problem on my end too :/. It's validating kmowing other people are having this issue too but infuriating that this is so common and cuts so many people out of playing for so long...

  39. I have the free trial going through Steam so have this issue as well. If I knew that the regular version worked well on linux I would go that route, but I have heard wildly different reports on how well it works.

  40. My wife got this error as well. I reinstalled and cleaned out all the temp files and still the same error. Authentication server is even preventing the game from being re-installed. Note to everyone is to sit tight and don't do anything until it's back up. Now I have to re-install when it comes back up.

  41. Wish I had seen this post in my google search results before i uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times then submitted a ticket.

  42. I can't log in either. My fiance, and my brother are on just fine (windows version) and I'm just sitting over here looking dumb for buying the Steam version lol.

  43. I had this problem a few days ago. I checked my game files and somehow some had moved from my SSD to my HDD. I blame steam. Tried moving them but it wouldn’t work so I just deleted them and reinstalled. That fixed it.

  44. The launcher hasn't had any problems for me, though I have been logged in since a while before this post, my FC members on Mac were also on earlier w/out issue

  45. Happened to me last month in my subscription renewal day. You just need to wait a few hours until the renewal takes place effectively. Hope it works.

  46. Had the same problem today, restarted my computer and it was all good. Probably not the thing that actually fixed it but idk really

  47. Is this about the "Error Boot - can't download Patch?" I only ask bc I downloaded the trial last night and could not install the game at all and even the online tips and tricks didn't help. Gave up. Was sad.

  48. After you get this screen let it idle for a few minutes and it clears up it only happens occasionally or rarely and I have been using steam edition for about 1 or 2 years

  49. A friend suffered the same problem and we were able to fix it by changing the DNS to I don't really understand what happened but after that it let us play.

  50. For anyone seeing this post now or later, it was a general steam login issue that happened yesterday between 23:00 GMT+9 and 01:15 GMT+9

  51. Because it's almost never 'try again later' when an unexpected error occurs with no communication from SE or Steam themselves. It took like an hour for posts to pop up talking about how it's because of steam.

  52. I just had this problem and ended up getting it to work by right clicking Steam and choosing "run as administrator" and then reopening XIV from there.

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