Heading to Belize: Caye Caulker DIY help

  1. Thank you very much for the insight! I do have some saltwater fly line (pretty sure it’s SA grand slam) and some neoprene flats boots that zip up and stay tight against the ankle with a harder rubber sole. I bought some tapered “bonefish” leaders and some heavier tippet but didn’t spring for flouro. I know permit is a long shot but I did get some smaller olive crab patterns just in case I can find one dumb enough to eat my presentation. Good to know about the bonefish being relatively indiscriminate eaters, that’s great info. Also do you have and recommendations on specific flow chart apps? Thanks again for taking the time and sharing this information!

  2. Such great info thank you so much! We’ll have to do some map research to find your bonefish haven, it sounds amazing. I’ve never caught an ocean fish on a fly rod so a bonefish would be an amazing first!

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