What are these fins for on the C182 tail? The POH yields no answers!

  1. Y'all are saying they're VOR antennas, but, that's kinda missing an interesting and relevant point about why it's different, which is not because it's VOR.

  2. Marker beacon antenna is normally a separate unit on the bottom of the aircraft. There's a horizontal stab under that nav antenna, doesn't do much good for reception of ground stations that transmit in a narrow vertical fan.

  3. Not saying you're wrong, but the actual most interesting thing about the blade style VOR antenna is that they don't try to attack you when you have to climb a ladder to work on the top of the rudder/v. stab the way whip/rabbit ear style VOR antenna do.

  4. I'll need to do some digging into this but polarization is an important factor with the VOR signal and not so critical with communication. The fin type antenna will give more precise readings than a whip would during level/stable flight.

  5. It's also a very aerodynamic shape at the same time as being wideband - a useful characteristic!

  6. Us instructors don’t know everything ya know. It’s a good thing he’s asking and trying to find out from people who do.

  7. It’s possible to go through the ratings quickly, at one flight school, with one set of airplanes, and not see a diversity of different planes and equipment. My guess is that that’s what’s happened here.

  8. Yes. I’ve only done training and ops with aircraft in the typical backwards V VOR antennas. Today was my first 182 flight and my check instructor didn’t know so I turned to the POH, Google, and finally reddit.

  9. They are weird looking, I actually have two antenna wires sticking out at 45 degree angles forward. The usually is slanted backward. Im always thinking I’m gonna skewer something. The other style is the so called towel rack

  10. its an antenna, what it does no clue, but some planes have that and others have two wire antennas, sticking out 45 degrees rearward on both sides of the tail

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