People don’t seem to understand Eviction Notice

  1. First time it hit yesterday was funny cause had 15 people running it and the scrubber got destroyed and just seen bodies drop including mine from the instant rad lvl jump and no one knew it was gonna happen. Was better prepared next time.

  2. Had that happen with just my buddy and I. I was able to fix it before I dropped but wasn't expecting the delay before the rads dropped back down to something manageable.

  3. Use your compass, they're marked on it. The first time I did the event, I didn't know about the meatbags but I saw that a number of them had to be destroyed in the quest objectives then saw that they were marked on my compass. The HUD provides all the information you need to complete quests/events, that's why it exists - Use it.

  4. I like how there’s actually consequences to the rad scrubber breaking, even with full health those rads will kill you quick.

  5. The same people who never run for ore are sitting off at the enemy spawn locations and the ore runners are the ones protecting the scrubber.

  6. This is the way. I have tried this myself and the last 5 events have not failed because I was able to change into CSS and repair the Rad Scrubber each time it went down before anyone died. There seem to be 4 'paths' that the Super Mutants come down to attack, so you need people camped up on these trails far from the scrubber so the SM cannot shoot the scrubber. So it's a pick your poison - either everyone camps and hopes that no one lets any thru the line or have someone protect the Rad Scrubber with Hazmat or CSS. Like I said I did the protecting the last 5 events I joined and none failed. I have also seen no one protect and succeed too - just have to kill them quick and watch the paths. I just wish I could hotbar my underarmor and regular armor to suit up quickly again. Haven't tried Power Armor though even with 1000 RR on CSS you still end up with 75% rads from full health (protecting/repairing Radscrubber probably not for Bloody builds). Anyway my two cents - enjoy how you want!

  7. if I'm not mistaken, the legendary enemies don't start spawning (much) until the meat bags are destroyed either. If this is the case then people are basically screwing themselves over.

  8. I don't get the obsession with XP. Play the game, try to enjoy the depth and try the other aims in an event, eventually you'll get the Levels and Perks.

  9. Legendary perks points is my go to for this answer. Almost level 500 myself and if it weren't for my bloodied build I'd constantly be overencumbered. So I can't do ore collecting efficiently, but in with ya.

  10. I enjoy running rad tunnels, minimum of two, 3 plus if I don't see others. I also wait to deposit. At least one of my regular teammates also runs with me and communicates when he's about to deposit 👍

  11. Its as arbitrarily useful as anything else in the game. Its not like a half dozen more shitty legendaries to scrip matter, all so you can get more modules, so you can roll more guns that you end up scripping. Or plans you get the 700th copy of. Or loot you can sell, at least for the first event you do of the day, then you hit the cap limit. Or you get some treasury notes you can't turn in, not because of the daily gold limit, but because you're at 10k and are out of anything worth buying.

  12. Right now? To breeze through the Scoreboard. You can complete it with XP alone and not bother with the SCORE objectives. Pop a bunch of XP buffs and off ya go.

  13. Good to know. I looked for meat bags and never saw any. I didn't know you could actually repair the rad scrubber either.

  14. I didn’t read or watch anything about the events and holy shit I was so confused why I kept dying because I never saw a warning once the scrubber went down. I kept trying to repair it and kept dying. It was confusing and a little irritating but also hilarious af

  15. Yeah, just had one fail in what felt like 30 seconds. Maybe closer to a minute and a half? Everyone was parked above the one valley and not defending the other side, so mutants got through and my weak ass couldn't clear them. The sudden rad income is not to be trifled with. It was funny, at least.

  16. I never even saw anything about meat bags. But, I assume people might be treating it like Radiation Rumble. Just in it for the xp/legendary mutants.

  17. I've been playing for only about a month, and I had no idea you mine ore in RR. I thought we are supposed to protect the scavengers, and that was it. Lol

  18. That's the truth. I failed because no one else tried to fix the scrubber and by the time I got to it, the repair timer ran out... Definitely not my favorite event

  19. The one time I’ve played it some player was yelling on his mic to repair it. So with 8 seconds left I go over and start to repair it. I’m almost all around the load wheel when the guy yelling to fix it runs between me and the scrubber canceling the fix. He then stands there repeatedly saying over the mic,”I don’t understand how we failed!”

  20. Think it would be fine, if people actually defended and did the objectives. Just like RR, you can nail plenty of kills while also doing objectives. Or at least tag them so you get xp/loot.

  21. No, you don't seem to understand Eviction Notice. To these people killing as many super mutants as possible IS the goal of this event, much like failing Radiation Rumble isn't a problem for these people either.

  22. Failed it the first time because level 200+ players somehow do not understand how to hold a button to repair the scrubber.

  23. People like you don't care either about the event .yoga are there just to look for something to talk about ,like many many others. In rad rumble you allways see these guys just jumping in front of you,never shooting .

  24. I don't know about anyone else but I can't figure it out because every time I do ANY of the new events people with broken weapons show up find a spot to camp and obliterate everything in the area before anyone else can do anything

  25. OP is talking about way before any shooting of enemy even begins. 'people with broken weapons' are a poor excuse for not reading instructions on the screen or looking at them online- Repair scrubber, shoot 6 hanging meatbags down and make sure scrubber doesn't get attacked by few incoming (non legendary!) supermutants. But people aren't paying attention to basic objectives, and event fails before it can even properly start.

  26. if no one protected the radscrubber, doesn't that mean you also didn't protect it, and so you contributed to it failing?

  27. From My few times playing I noticed that the cliff overlooking the pit is where the heavy mini gun supermutants spawn and shoot directly at the rad scrubber. As long as someone stays there and keeps the heavy snipers away it doesn’t matter how many others keep to the outside. Meat bags however is a must!!

  28. The very first one I did we failed. Radiation killed me twice and I was running around trying to figure out what to do but it was too late

  29. Does the rate of enemy spawns increase when all 6 meat bags are destroyed? On Adventure, all of the meat bags will be destroyed ASAP, but on Private Adventure and Fallout Worlds, they will last longer. So it might be an option to leave one meat bag until the last minute to make the event manageable for solo players.

  30. I think it increases the spawn rate of legendaries. After all meat bags got destroyed I noticed an increased spawn rate of them often multiple legendaries at once. Also most legendary supermutants seem to spawn downhill in the direction of Watoga. When done right you can get 20-30 legendary items per event. But its probably too hard to do solo unless you are using OP weapons like legacy gatling plasma etc.

  31. For some reason the server i was on yesterday kept pushing out the new events back to back. Maxed out scrip and stash and inventory. Never happend before lol. I don't grind legendaries or scrip.

  32. For my current 105 level, I think this event is the hardest so far. First time I did it we were 17 people and luckly I got the Foundation's Vengeance first try and other played gave me his as well. The next 3 attempts were all failed. Even when all the mearbag destroyed, we were overrun by mutants, we were idk like 5 people? Anyway, the moonshine one I really seem to enjoy. It's chaos but good chaos.

  33. Thanks to the people using explosive energy weapons to solo the event I have just stood by the rad scrubber after destroying the meat bags. So when it breaks I can fix it. Not much else to do during that event weapon balancing being what it is currently.

  34. Exactly why I dislike this event. All it is is a more spread out radiation rumble where it's acceptable for people to bee line to spawn points and kill stuff before it can walk 2 feet. Less XP and only more legendaries if you're also one of the ones on top of every spawn point at the right time.

  35. Played twice, first crashed mid way thru, second time people fixed when it broke other than that no real challenge do to legacies melting muties

  36. I honestly believe that they need to change the event a bit to force people into the crater, not to the spawns.

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