Bethesda patches: We fixed this and that!! Reddit 5 minutes later: You broke this and that!!

  1. add “of this game” to the first line and it’s perfect, actually the fact that it’s missing what’s needed to meet the syllable requirement is even more perfect.

  2. There is complaints and then there is beating a dead horse that gets very boring very quickly and actually stifles actual discussion.

  3. Which would you prefer, a gaming community that is actively interested in seeing the game made better, or a community that has abandoned the game?

  4. yep. My friend and I just started and we experience so many bugs it's crazy. I keep telling me friend it's a feature not a bug lol. That fallout jank hits home.

  5. This happens with any online game, along with incomplete patch notes and "unintended/stealth" nerfs.

  6. It's exhausting how people can absolutely never be satisfied. They used to wait to put out big patches and people used to demand hotfixes immediately, now they do that and people get upset that every patch isn't a major omnibus fix.

  7. some of us use this subreddit to find out information about the game, including things that were broken in an update. there's been more than once I've been alerted to an issue that would have directly affected my game, so I appreciate the people posting about those things. your mileage may vary.

  8. What you're asking is for people to settle for a buggy broken game. Sure some people get too worked up and make things weirdly personal but negative feedback is still valid criticism.

  9. Agree. It’s an annoyance when things do break but it’s never caused me major issues. Won’t ever stop me playing

  10. wholeheartedly agree. a lot of people here don't seem to understand how difficult programming is. programmers and developers make jokes all the time with each other about how you fix 1 bug and 99 more take its place. the developers aren't superheroes and can't possibly be aware of every single thing that's wrong with the game or what a patch will break. not to mention they're probably underpaid and overworked. even then, most i imagine are probably paid to push (atom shop) content, not care about bugs.

  11. I'm convinced it's because the QA testers do not play the game. They log on for 2 hours a week, change their camp around a bit then log off.

  12. No there was an article about exactly why this game has so many QA problems and it’s not the QA testers to blame.

  13. In some way you could compare this to the operating system Windows or a software like firefox. Software packages that contain bugs, which get fixed eventually as new bugs show up. (Or they dont get fixed like the Windows printer spooler stack).

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