For those of you who still play regularly, what is the draw / what keeps you playing?

  1. Honestly, I'm a recovering pill/alcohol addict. And man it's tough. Day to day is different. To me I can log on and just escape this world I'm in right now. And it's nice. Yeah it has its flaws. But so do I. Lol. When I'm playing I forget everything going on. The struggles. The hurt.

  2. I play for the same reason, I get it completely. I’ve been sober for 3.5 years now but that voice in the back of your head never really goes away. It’s a daily battle but it gets easier with time, I’ve found. I play games and read ALOT to escape, watch a lot of tv too (other than working). Fallout 76 is the game I play at night to wind down before sleep, it’s the game I play in-between new games that release; keeps it fresh for me as there’s always something different when I come back :)

  3. 7 and a half years sober, and escaping thru games has been a savior to me as well. Getting into working out helps a ton as well, dont neglect it!

  4. Just adding this on the original comment to say to the OP plus the replies: I am proud of all of you. I’m nobody, but I hope you know that there are people that care that don’t even know you. Stay strong through these crazy times we live in, I believe in you.

  5. Yep, it definitely helped me out once Covid hit. I was a heavy heroin addict, stopped in 2017, but if I didn't have Fo76 to play during the lockdown who knows where my head could have gone

  6. Fair enough. But you guys REALLY want to lose yourself in a game and escape? Lol download Ark survival evolved. No bs. I downloaded this game after taking a long break from FO76 and holy hell. You want to talk about things to constantly do. Get on a PvP server and I promise, you will ALWAYS be busy, especially considering when you log off, your base and body doesn’t. Gotta find a tribe, team up and build. It’s an extremely immersive game.

  7. Been eight years since I've kicked pills. Stay strong and keep moving forward. Some days will be better than others. Hit me up on here if you ever need someone to talk or just vent to.

  8. Similar, I like to escape to a world i enjoy being a part of, helps me forget how shit everything is at the moment, plus our community is really nice and friendly and it's just a comfortable, happy place to be, even if only for a few hours a day.

  9. I'm with you on that sentiment. I have major depressive disorder and ADHD. I'm also super introverted. It's a nice way to dissociate and forget the messed up chemistry of my brain. Also, I can interact with others without a mic and for some reason that's really nice and neutral on my social battery.

  10. Ive never been addicted to anything like that, just nicotine, so I cant say I know what true addiction is like. But its great to read stuff like this and see that games are able to provide a bit of an escape, thats awesome. Stay 💪

  11. WTG!!!!! Its super hard ( the struggle ). I too am in recovery. 22 yrs. 6 months. This game is an escape for me, it's what works. I'm on Xbox game tag is same as here look me up if you need to talk. God bless stay strong.

  12. This is why i dive into game. Not fallout anymore, but Im 7 years removed from heroin addiction and gaming is my escape, currently HUNT:Showdown is my vice lol

  13. I usually do an hour-ish a day. Maybe more on weekends. I like the social aspect. My work sort of leaves me to my own devices and I don't really interact with anyone all day long, so 76 gives me that social interaction. Also it's a great travel guide. The only reason my girlfriend tolerates me playing so much is because she actually wants to visit the locations. Other than that, I make my own fun, this game gives me a good casual stress relief at the end of the day, and there's just no other games grabbing my attention right now and nothing on tv worth watching.

  14. This is pretty much what I do. During the week about an hour or whatever it takes to do the dailies and then a little more on the weekends. Doing that easily completes the scoreboard and gets you those rewards so no reason to play much more.

  15. It's Fallout. Enough said. Played every title a few of them for thousands of hours. Easily my favorite gaming franchise. 76 is still new enough after 900+ hours I am still finding new things. I was finding new stuff in FO4 after 3k hours. Not only this but Fallout is the only post nuclear war training we have and with the current political/social climate I think we need as much as we can get. On that note it is almost like the world is following the fallout timeline just slightly accelerated.

  16. I play regularly because my brother lives in Texas and I'm in Michigan so the game gives us something to do together.

  17. It’s fun playing fallout period imo, and giving all the new players aid and supplies is always satisfying. Another thing has to be the community really. Granted there are those in the community that act more toxic than the rest but the community of this game is like no other. I love the trading structures. Apart from the assholes that run off and leave with your items before the trade is done. It’s super fulfilling finding and helping someone find something they’ve been looking for for a while

  18. For me, it’s the scoreboard stuff. Finish that and I get my break from the game. Also, I am hopeful as to where the game will go. Come back and try the new events at least!

  19. This is why I play and why I burn out. I want all the things but if something derails me then I’m like I can’t do it because I won’t be able to have all the things. But if I do get all the things I’m sometimes just fried from grinding for them. Double edged sword. 😂

  20. What keeps me playing is my comfortable familiarity with this fictional universe. It's a place I know. I've played all the other ones and have read much lore, so I don't see myself abandoning this after having embedded myself so deeply.

  21. Fun and friends, what other draw do you need? How about playing a different way. Helping a newbie with advice and drops can be rewarding. Joining a role play team can be fun when you get over the cringe. Chase the elusive dream of rolling a full set of unyielding or overeaters armour. Take a shot of whiskey everytime you encounter a bug or glitch. Build a camp based on a restaurant or spacecraft. See how fast you can complete the scoreboard.

  22. I just love the post apocalyptic fallout world. I enjoy interacting with random players, love crafting stuff and making camps. I also am one of those players that likes to unlock everything so all the plans! I've almost completed every available plan in 76 as well until the pitt is released of course. I tend to pick a game and stick with it for at least 5 years just the kind of person I am I guess

  23. I like to play for 30-45 minutes in the morning with my coffee before work. It's a perfect game for that. Knock out some dailies/weeklies, sell some loot, then start my day.

  24. After losing many friends to stupid feuds I chose to not pick sides in. I find the game is alluring with the 50s style with tech like a George Jetson feel meets post apocalyptic fallout world of course with mythical creatures and crazy fun mixed in what's not to love? I love building too im like level 449 now. Even though I typically have one person I run with now, I get everything done. They could improve the rewards on the scoreboard and offer new items when they recycle the old. People could improve their crabby behavior and that could improve the game drastically.

  25. Name another game where my native Appalachia is portrayed in her splendor, unions aren't demonized, there is hope, and the Appalachian stereotypes of drunken sister-rapists isn't a common gag.

  26. I haven't found another game that lets me build a little camp that other players can stumble upon. I love getting new items for my camp and being able to string together a themed camp with cool items.

  27. My wife, and the fact that I'm kind of goal oriented and I have a fixation on getting every plan that was ever made on the game and then getting extras to sell for 25 caps to help everyone else out doing the same.

  28. Fallout 76 is an interesting fallout in the series it was the first fallout that made me confront my perfectionist approach to playing fallout games. I've played almost all of them with the exception of like BOS. In all those games I collected everything finished them and replayed them like 1000% I tried even doing stuff like seeing if could get all unique guns in a run , play with only one weapon, etc. 76 is the first time Ive played one of these games and can't get everything it's impossible atom shop items I'll never see, game modes I never fully played, scoreboards I missed, storylines I have to commit to with a high level player character and starting over in 76 imo takes so long it's such a grind to level past 50. But man does realizing I can't have everything keep me coming back for some reason it feels like my adventure in Appalachia never ends and honestly for a video game it honestly feels like a home away from home when I get to play it after not picking it up for a few weeks or months at a time. At first I thought it was the worst entry in the series but now I think it's one of the best it's country roads keep bringing me back to Appalachia time and time again .

  29. I do all these other things as well as help people on their quests…. I guess I just enjoy the open world and not have to worry about getting my head blown off constantly by some jerk 16 year old who kills because he is just that… an ass. I get my daily and weekly completed and I continue the story line where I left off in The Brotherhood DLC. I’m almost done with it. My quest now is what everybody is trying to do… full set of unyielded SS armor. But just yesterday I learned… through Minerva… that there was a backpack mod for chems to be 90% lighter! And being bloodied I carry lots of radaway and stimpacks… so I always had Travelling Chemist or Physician …. 3 point perk card! Got rid of it and threw in Barbarian for 3 points perk card!! Always something to be learned!

  30. I love hanging out with my brother and cousin online. My brother got a private server for us to chill on and we talk about life and stuff while figuring out the game at our own pace. I built myself a decent home and have little use for a lot of the salvage I collect (except weapons and armor crafting). So if I'm working on something they'll walk over to my place (we sort of have a triangular neighborhood between whitesprings resort and morgantown) and ask if I have just 2 or 3 pieces of copper or adhesive to spare and usually walk away with around 100 each. I'm also a major ocd scrapper of every weapon not currently on my person and I am the only one in the group dedicated to weaponsmithing, so if they get a new toy to play with they hand it to me and ask if I can do anything to it. It's hard to find other online games with that level of cooperation.

  31. I have no idea but I can’t stop playing it lol I log on for the daily score challenges and then log off. I think it’s because I don’t want to miss a season and have a missing scoreboard wall decoration missing in my camp lol

  32. I play because it's a way to get away. I've often questioned why I like "living" in post war Appalachia. It's not a pleasant place death and destruction everywhere constant horrible sights, mutations,monsters. And yet I feel at peace there. So for me it's to escape and relax. As for how I spend my time, events mostly and admiring my camp I like my camp lol 👍

  33. I have fun with the gameplay loop that I've created for myself. I don't play very much, but I play regularly. Probably 5-6 days a week, but only from 30 minutes to upwards of a few hours each session. The goal I have set for myself is to complete the daily 5 daily challenges meta. If I still want to play some more after that, I do daily quests. If an event pops up that I want to do, I will go and do it. I also have long term goals, such as getting an animated version of every perk card.

  34. The scoreboard, and the ever-changing dynamics of public events. Trying to figure out what randos are doing, and then adapting to it to succeed at the event, is endlessly fascinating.

  35. I play for a couple hours daily. I think for me it's a combination of having a mentality that looks for having fun, I'm relaxed, if I see something (or someone) being silly I just ignore it and move on having fun because I don't have much time so the time I do have and try to enjoy it. So I don't put pressure, I think? I mean, I love the scoreboard stuff, love building and getting new things but in the back of my mind there's always a "if I do it great, if I don't and I miss a couple ranks that's great too", lol.

  36. I’ve been wanting to replay the fallout franchise. It’s been one of my favorites since I was a teenager. I wanted to hop on a game where I interact with others.

  37. mainly ocd and not having matching Armour with legendary affects along with maxing out a build completely and achieving peak damage then switching to a new build and doing the same.

  38. I play for about 30-60 mins on average when a season starts, up until I finish the scoreboard, and then I play other games until the next season. There is nothing else for me to do in Fallout 76. Expeditions will add some things to do, but only up until a point if rewards aren't cycled, or new expeditions aren't released. I fully expect expeditions to become similar to daily ops relatively fast, meaning I have all the rewards and am back to only occasionally logging in for events, or new seasons. It's definitely getting harder to convince myself it's worth it to log back in, given that seasons aren't even that great, and aren't a good substitute for story/quest content. Starfield really can't come soon enough.

  39. I'm currently unemployed. This makes me feel like I did something today. Vs just watching shows or movies. I have ZERO money. Job doesn't start until Tuesday. So... I'm here. I'm lvl 438 or so... I've done everything. At this point I'm logging in to turn legendaries into script. I hit the daily limit, do the quick daily or weekly objective and log out.

  40. Been here since day 1 of beta. Took a month long break post seasons launch then returned to the daily grind. My reason is that I've spent this long, this put in this much effort, put so much emotion into it to just drop it. Now? I'm gonna stick it out to see how it ends...

  41. I only recently started playing this year. I’ve been a fallout fan since FO3 and just love the franchise and the idea of the FO world.

  42. I mean this game is pretty much a full fledged fallout game now. It has the multiplayer elements, which you can just ignore. You can easily just play the game as any older fallout and quest and explore. Also this games environment and locations are way more interesting and better looking than fallout 4s imo. I hated fallout 4 because of how boring the world was. Boston really hardly had anything interesting in it and the game was this mess of green and grey. 76 has like 4 or 5 biomes with a lot of interesting locations throughout. I started playing again after never really being into it for a long time. I can see why people play it. I'm probably just about done with it now though, played for about a month, got to level 130. I can't see how people get to 200+ that shit is wild. I do see the merit of the game a bit, but Bethesda needs to step up and make better games lol

  43. I'm at the point where it's an hour or so a day, just speeding through the dailies and weeklies, getting my 1400 caps, sometimes doing Ward and Rocksy/Wren's daily quests too for the treasury notes. I guess the various little "You just completed a task!" sounds and visuals appeal to my brain. That and shooting things in the head with a plasma caster.

  44. I keep playing because i like being a vendor. server hopping and searching other vendors for stuff to resell or decent equipment, also on the hunt for good weight reducing heavy weapons and defensive PA for my solo build, inventory weight reducing excavator armour and decent quad rifles for my weight reducing build.

  45. TBH probably the fact that i paid FO1st for a years and the scoreboard.... most the time when im done my score for the day I move to something else until new stuff comes out.... been playing since launch

  46. I play because I love the series, that's really it at this point. I love my camp in the Mire and I have a solid group I play with. It's more about hanging out and bullshitting in a game environment I like.

  47. I skipped last season but back for this one. The 3 new events were a big reason. Also I missed Mothman event the previous time it was here.

  48. I have said it many times and I'll say it again as an answer to questions like these - Sophie Daguerre's curves

  49. I reinstalled the game a couple of weeks ago I was lvl 47 and now I'm 82. Been doing events and the quests that I didn't do before but end up getting lost in the world and exploration that offers idk I've been enjoying it a lot getting help or helping others in any way that I can makes it more enjoyable at least for me.

  50. Roleplay, creation and fiction writing. The characters I love and their interaction with my dweller. Always keeps me inspired. Also. The music

  51. I just have multiple characters with separate builds. If I ever get bored of the combat I can just hop onto another character with an entirely different load out and playstyle and it helps freshen things up. But it’s not always perfect and I still have to take breaks every once in a while.

  52. Helping other players and building new CAMPs. Already been brainstorming today what design to go with when I get home and demo my NE location

  53. It's the fact that I try to make armor,pew pew to sell or trade or use for different situations plus I tried to be the best builder that I can lol and I love to play fallout

  54. Working a ton right now, like 70-80+ hours a week. Can hop on fall out and knock out my scrip + cap limit then run events with my brain switched off for an hour and then go to bed. The anti-fun limits force me not to over-indulge.

  55. Yeah I had a great time when I started with wastelanders, got a 400 hours in. I stopped after nothing story wise has been happening and am planning to jump back in with expeditions for a bit. Nothing to do for now.

  56. If you boil it down, 76 is a pretty solid survival crafting game. Its got plenty of shit to fight, places to explore, and things to unlock and work towards (it does now at least). Theres plenty of variety in content (despite re-used event types all over the place) and I always love the draw of doing new builds and finding that perfect weapon. It gives plenty of opportunity to make your own fun too and the community has almost never shown me a bad time. Lots of annoying things of course and man is this game a buggy mess but I always come back to it from time to time. Its up my list of favorite survival/crafting type games.

  57. It's just my go-to at the end of the day. I always intend to finally replay Skyrim, or go back to FO4, or finally start Metro Exodus, but 76 has just become a comfort zone for me. I recently turned my mule into my fun bloodied VATS fixer guy and got to level 180 before I realized it. With the forced port over to Steam I also felt the OCD need to re-accomplish all the challenges so I basically restarted the game with this character. It was annoying to have the reach level 100 completed but NOT the level 50 one.

  58. I keep saying each season is my last season due to it being full of crap prizes I don’t want and until some decent new content comes out…… I think I’ve only missed 2 score seasons since they started. 😕

  59. Getting every weapon as a vampire and all my armor including PA vanguard . Collecting all alcohol recipes and buying every plan or finding them.

  60. The scoreboard. I have completed all of them (still working my was through on the current one) and for some reason it makes me feel special that I have them all so my OCD will not let me stop playing.

  61. I do the new season normally finish a month or two early an don’t log on again till next season or to check atom shop update days. seams to be a pretty good balance for me by the time the new season comes around I’m rdy to play again an don’t really get burnt out

  62. For me, I’ll come back about every 6 months. I enjoy it a lot because I can hop on, shoot some bad guys, get a dopamine rush from the loot, then get off again. I don’t feel like I HAVE to accomplish anything in this game unlike lots of players I guess and I just legit enjoy playing a fallout environment with rewards and fun ways to play.

  63. Well after I got my lvl 200 account banned recently, I'm trying to get back to where I am with a new acc. In approx 7 hours I'm already level 40 with the wastelanders quests incomplete, I am also trying my best to grind for the scoreboard which makes me more active within the game

  64. I can’t resist not getting time sensitive rewards, if I see an event pop up I have to play it so that I don’t miss out on the event specific rewards. This is especially the case with events that are only here for certain times during the year. I log on almost every hour to play the equinox event even though I already have most of the awards. I don’t wanna miss out on anything I guess.

  65. I just got back into the game after a couple of year (originally stopped a few months before the Wastelanders update) and have been enjoying rediscovering everything. It hits those right spots whenever I get homesick for WV, it's Fallout, and it's free on Game Pass, so I can't help but futz around in Appalachia. I'll most likely be a daily resident until Persona 5 Royal drops on Game Pass in a few months.

  66. I find this game very relaxing, I have fun constantly switching weapons and playstyles. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to complete my armor set lol unlikely

  67. I like to build mini bases when I take over areas because why not? I like building... and I like shooting things in a wasteland and frankly I can't clean up Sanctuary one. more. time. When I feel like shooting / building and wandering the wasteland aimlessly, FO76 has my back.

  68. I took around a year off, and have been back for about 3 weeks now. The last time I played was before npcs existed. I have wanted to come back for a while, but new games kept getting my attention...

  69. I'm recovering from an operation on my knee so have plenty of free time just now so been scouring the wasteland quite a bit these days. I probably play about 2to3hrs a day but I can see that falling this is 3rd time I've came back after a hiatus and each time I do I change my build for something to focus on because the ultimate build endgame is not fun for me.

  70. What everyone else said, plus it’s an outlet to work out frustrations. Dropping a thousand rounds into Super Mutants/Mole Miners/RR mobs is fun.

  71. Me and my ex got FO76 to play together. When we broke it off, I kinda just fell apart. Stopped playing FO76 and other games and fell into depression. Then Wastelanders came out, I jumped on, played some Wastelanders and got bored. Now back cuz I saw how fun the new events are. Idk if I'll stay but I'll try.

  72. I think this game makes my smoking and drinking worse lmao. but its alright, idk i have a usual 4 man team and they just started watching them grow rn is super fun. one is really interested in getting into trading, which is another HUGE reason i still play. Trading is too fun, interactions people bartering in an open market in a game we technically created as a community idk just something mind blowing i love about it. and i never seem to get bored of seeing my level go up currently at 273

  73. I come for the scoreboard, as it gives me some attainable goal. I stay because it’s so easy to get lost in the Appalachian landscape. Sometimes I just enjoy wandering around and enjoying so many of the little details you can find around. I also enjoy finding new side quests to complete or work on completing ally quests.

  74. I enjoy playing it with my friends. The multiplayer aspect of it really keeps it engaging with random people from all over. And tho most of the quests or events are repetitive it’s still enjoyable with friends or people you meet on the game. But I’m also fairly new to the game. Level 146. My friends are what drew me to play the game. I didn’t enjoy fo4 so I wrote off 76 before even trying.

  75. To be honest i dont know anymore, it feels like a habit i picked up and i cant stop,i log in do my dailies and look other players vendors,then if im in the mood i run a silo or go to an event,maybe if i stop for a couple of months i wont ever log in again.

  76. I love to collect things and make things that hold a high value both personal and monetary so when I learned of all the rare and exclusive things that are in the game I was just absolutely elated to make an account with exclusive things like Legacy weapons and rare outfits.

  77. Literally because there’s nothing else to play and I spent money on the atomic shop and got fallout 1st and now I’m trapped

  78. Habit. Though seeing what the pitt is going to be really took the wind out of the sails of my interest, don't realy play much any more.

  79. Well, it's my favorite game, like ever. I can't play any other fallout because I feel like I'm wasting time when I could be progressing in 76. Even if I log and just sit down for hours, I feel like that time was better put to use in 76 than progressing in 4.

  80. Nothing really, just habit I guess, they rarely ever add new quest dlc the main thing that keeps me playing Elder Scrolls/Fallout games and playing events/killing the same boss over and over again do absolutely nothing for me. I pretty much no life for a few months, focusing on camp building/decorating trying to make my own fun, go on a 6 month or longer hiatus and repeat the process.

  81. Quality time with family and friends. It's nice to have an environment we can all interact together, when otherwise we'd be separated by borders.

  82. I find that I just enjoy the gameplay loop. Build my camp (I’ve spent 1,000+ hours in this game, and most of that has been building), explore areas/scavenge for loot, and do events. Surprisingly, I still haven’t done most quests yet. I guess I really just like building and wandering around.

  83. I play about 2-3 hours a night, no particular "goal," I just dick around role-playing. What keeps my playing is the game has just about everything my noggin wants or needs in order to entertain itself.

  84. The season grind. Having tasks to complete. Keeps my mind active but in a more relaxing environment. I love the fallout world so it’s nice to have something like that to bring me in and play.

  85. Nice replies here, it's a question I always wondered. A friend and I pumped 500+ hours into Fallout 76 over a year and a half-ish of playing until we "retired" it.

  86. To be honest, friends. I've been going through a tough time lately with a break up and then losing my home. I go on, get into a party chat with friends and have a laugh. It helps me escape my shitty life 😅

  87. for me, it's just the fact that it's an active fallout game. unlike fallout 4, i enjoy the feeling of completing objectives in something that's active and working towards something, whatever it is.

  88. i want the stranger vine armor so that keeps me playin, 2200 gold rn and i like to explore the map even places i’ve been cause i’ll just forget and it’ll be like a new experience

  89. Made a new character to use with private worlds. +200% damage delt, +200% damage received, no legendaries. Got to level 20 a few days back and wondered why I was getting killed with just two or three shots. Been so long that I just forgot armor was leveled, and I was still using level 5 stuff.

  90. Friends, camp building /sharing, finding creatives, running into strangers who become friends. It's light-hearted and silly and there's the yeeting. What's not to enjoy? Don't want to grind for items? Then don't. Don't want to do all the dailies? Don't. I do because I like to have more things in my camp and I like moving camps and either building seemlessly into existing structures or going a clean build for contrast. I met someone who had all 5 characters with 5 camps. It's incredibly creative and fun. I recently started an alt and found it fun to redo the main quest lines. Really the online community (for the most part!) are super kind and great to hang with (PS). And the Filthy Causuals group is great

  91. Iv been playing for 10 months straight. My goal to max out every legendary card is keeping me going. I'm about half way there

  92. Asked myself the same thing when I used to play. Figured out there's really no answer. Really never played with anyone, had everything I wanted in the game, pretty much I had no reason to play, but I still did.

  93. Familiarity. Fun. Challenges. I mix up my weapons but don’t change my special or cards in case I need to switch over to something more powerful. One shorting everything gets boring. Unless I’m in Westek

  94. OCD, it kills time, exploring, collecting stuff, and the community. I’ve met some pretty awesome people in my travels.

  95. Half of the reason I play is to play with friends, the other half is that now there's actually enough decent events to level up and feel like I'm progressing instead of ramming my head against a wall.

  96. curiosity. they have plans to keep this going for a good long time. they are paying multiple development teams to work on this game.

  97. usually 1-5 hours each day. get on to do dailies and usually slack off between wardrobe changes, base building, build experimenting, etc. I do any events that pop up along the way

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