[homemade] schnitzel, spaetzel and lemony green beans.

  1. Spätzle is kind of like a mix between a noodle and drop dumpling. Schnitzel is a thin cutlet of meat, breaded and fried.

  2. Do you have a recipe for the spatzle? Haven’t had it in years and I’m dying for some (pregnancy cravings!)

  3. You need a rough flour, wheat haze. 500g + 5 large eggs + 200 ml warm water + salt + a little bit chestnut. Mix it well, until the dough shows bubbles (yes it is really tough to knead, that's the right consistency). Then take a pot, fill it with water and a lot of salt, boil it.

  4. everyone looks at me like im crazy when i squeeze lemon on my shnitzel, it makes it like at least twice as good though

  5. This looks amazing. Proof that you don’t need to make something super fancy, the food speaks for itself.

  6. OMG I WAS JUST TALKING AVOUT SPATZLE! I made homemade Pennsylvanian Dutch chicken noodles yesterday and was gonna make spaetzle w the remaining homemade noodles. Looks yummy

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