Who do you guys think was the third best player from the Ronaldo-Messi era?

  1. There wasn’t just one. A pretty equal case (imo) could be made for Neymar, Zlatan, Robben, Iniesta, Lewandowski, Suarez and probably a couple others during different times of Ronaldo/Messi’s careers

  2. I was going to say just this. The Messi/Ronaldo Era has gone on for some time, and they're have been some great players that have come and gone. The hardest part is replicating the form over a long period of time. There are players like Modric, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney, etc. Plenty of players that have come and gone since roughly 2008.

  3. For me, it’s probably Aguero, but you’re right that the field is very open outside those top two who are genuine freaks of nature

  4. Neymar, Lewandowski, iniesta, xavi, suarez, neuer, modric. All legends of the game and among the greatest ever in their position and would likely have a Ballon d'or. Some even multiple

  5. Glad someone mentioned Neuer. GK aren’t as sexy as outfield players but he was the clear best at his position for the better part of a decade and it wasn’t all that close

  6. It's hard because the Messi-Ronaldo era stretches over the course of like 12 years. Most players peak for around 3-5 years at most. If you look at the amount of world class players who can be considered "third best" there are plenty. Suarez, Iniesta, KDB, Salah, Lewandowski, Ramos, Modric, Neymar, the list goes on. All of these players had their primes for a few years but none of them really stood out unlike the two oddities we call Messi and Ronaldo.

  7. This is it. At first it was Xavi/Iniesta. Then one might consider Robben/Ribery in the tier right below the Goats. Then Neymar was the "next big thing" and for a while Neymar and Bale were the "nexts in line" with Barca and RM. Obviously Hazard had some intense seasons and was considered being up there for a while. Suarez is often snubbed in this conversation but he was mighty consistent for a long time. Obviously Modric has been gaining recognition for a while now and we're now finally able to see the greatness in Lewy, Benzema, KdB, Salah etc. but I feel like these players are at their peak at the twilight of the Messi/CR era so I wouldn't count them in this conversation.

  8. Neymar was the closest i think to reaching their level in 2015 during the whole era but as said by the other comments theres a huge range of players to choose from

  9. Loved him. He just didn't stick around long enough sadly. If he had world class work ethic he'd be talked about alongside Messi and Cronaldo.

  10. No one here watched Hazard single handily win Chelsea games. Some of his runs & goals couldn’t be done by any other player in the world besides Messi & Ronaldo

  11. Neymar is the easiest and most obvious pick. Then come all the others. Suarez, Lewandowski, Robben, Benzema, Zlatan, Ramos, Van Dijk, Neuer. There are so many. But for me, Ney takes the icing on the cake after them 2

  12. That’s like asking “who was the best player from 1995 to 2007” you’re going to get a lot of varied answers (and that’s a good thing). Messi and Ronaldo’s dominance has spanned such a relatively long period of time that there are multiple correct answers.

  13. For a single season, Suarez was actually better than them. He was an unstoppable force in 13/14 and almost carried a very mediocre Liverpool team to the title. But even other than that season, he still was amazing. So I'd say Suarez.

  14. My top 5 candidates would be Neymar Modric Ramos Xavi Iniesta maybe I’ll throw Suarez in there too

  15. Easily Suarez. Top assistant and goal scorer in both PL and LaLiga. Only one to snatch a golden boot (2 actually) during their era. Scored goals of every possible type.

  16. Inesta he wad the second best player in barca after messi for years and the best player in spain

  17. No absolute answer for this one. It changes depending on the time. For example, in 2013 Ribery, 2012 maybe Iniesta or Zlatan, 2014 Neuer, 16 Griezmann, 15 Neymar, 18 Modric, 10 Sneijder etc. I tend to avoid answering one particular player when asked this question

  18. It’s funny that no one has mentioned Ribery. He won FIFA Player of the Year and voted third in the balon dor. The disrespect is real

  19. Mann I still cannot believe that Messi-Ronaldo dominating era had come to an end. Pretty sad but at the same time I feel lucky to have witness it

  20. The fact that vale doesn't get a shout is a disgrace, if he'd retired 3 years ago he'd be remembered as a great, but 3 poor years have ruined the reputation of his entire career

  21. Ramos Definitely makes the list and I would vote for him. But the problem is media cares only about strikers and sometimes midfileders. Defenders unless Premier League are always ignored.

  22. There's nowhere near enough mentioned for Kaka here. He had a 3 year spell where he was utterly unplayable

  23. I think Suarez what he did at Liverpool carrying them then he went barca and was third top goalscorer ITW behind them two then taking atletico to a title after barca that is surely 3rd

  24. Depends on when you start that era, it starts off with pre-injury KAKA, then it is Iniesta for a good few years and Suarez after that.

  25. It's between Hazard(Maybe if Barca would have bought him..), Ramos and Neuer imo. If someone says Neymar, they have to be his fan boys, he was good only for a couple of years and then chased money and rest during UCL round of 16s💀

  26. During those years (2008~2018, cause honestly they never competed for top collective prizes ever after) you usually thought of Robben, Ribery or Ibrahimovic as your go-to third best ATTACKER in the world as Neymar came a little bit later and was outshined by Messi in Barcelona. Rooney has also been there but not to the same extent as the first three I mentioned. Same can be said for Eto'o and Drogba (Henry already past his prime).

  27. Suarez and Robben are the only two who have been consistently excellent. All the others named in this thread have had good seasons but no one comes close to these two for longevity and level. I'd possible throw Lewy in there too.

  28. I think finding the third best is almost impossible, and also irrelevant really, because Messi and Cronaldo have destroyed the record books.

  29. Firstly I don't think you can compare strikers to midfielders or defenders or goalkeepers. They all do different jobs. It's like comparing a Lamborghini to a Mack truck.

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