Update on Mbappe back at Monaco for those interested.

  1. Was wondering, does the game take in account the weather or the match engine works the same irregardless of it?

  2. I’ve always played a 4231 or a 4123 for about 4 years of fm. keep the ball, be expressive, attack the flanks and have them as inside forwards with work ball into the box. Nothing crazy but it just always works for me.

  3. Posts like this make think that I should manage Haaland or Mbappe at some point, because I've never used them and I want to feel the power.

  4. Had a save that after 8 years I was manager of Celtic, then after 3 seasons I won the champions league (then continued to win it 7 times in a row) and in the middle of it I had haaland and Mbappe in the same squad and it was like a fucking cheat code

  5. Nice job holding onto Badiashile for that long. He's a cheat code for me, led Ligue 1 in average rating the first two seasons (including my invincible one) and woah boy did the big clubs come sniffing.

  6. there was a time that a manager was asking the comunnity if he should bring mbappe back to monaco... lol

  7. The Salah with 2 assists in the last game, right? The 2 assists for the the 2 goals that won the game, right? The difference between 0 and 3 pts, right? Yeah completely useless

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