Forbidden Corn

  1. Fun fact; not everyone produces the enzymes required to digest uranium. Probably start with just a smidge and see how it goes.

  2. What, gas has a ton of calories?? I guarantee that if you drank a gallon of gas it would last you the rest of your life.

  3. Technically, it only contain 20 million kilocalories (the Calorie measurement associates with food), and it can only be released through complete fission. So you would have to eat it with a little reactor to start the process.

  4. And even if you could get all the calories out of it, and not die obviously, it would only be enough for ~24 years.

  5. Calories of energy… doesn’t mean your body knows how to process them the same way it does from food. Right? Like this is like saying a AA battery has 3.87 calories. Like sure, that’s the amount of energy… but not how digestion works…

  6. Or, one gram of any matter contains over 20 billion kcal of energy. So long as you have a stomach acid made out of antimatter.

  7. Aside from obviously killing you, you would receive zero energy from Uranium. Uranium is an element so it contains no carbon or element other than uranium... it would be like putting Gasoline in an electric car

  8. No. The feeling of being full comes from the physical volume of stuff in your stomach. Eating completely non-nutritious indigestible food like uranium can still make you feel full if you eat enough to physically fill your stomach.

  9. Corn contains a few billion calories per gram. It's just a lot harder to get those calories out of corn than uranium.

  10. Kinda curious now, but what would happen if you ate that many calories in one gram of a substance that is otherwise completely radioactively and chemically safe?

  11. You mean Calories, right. Sorry I just had my chem exam and we have to learn all the SI, meteic and english units so it's fresh in my brian. (1000cal = 1Kcal = 1Cal)

  12. Not like it matters but the calories for rocks and the calories for food are different, calories are 1/1000 of food calories

  13. This does have potential - the creator of Soylent, a full-nutrition drink-shake-meal, has been researching the idea of radioactive stomach implants that cultivate endless bacteria that feed off of that nuclear energy, and in turn provide you with all the carbs, fats, and proteins you need to stay alive and healthy. Source

  14. The rest of you life would be measure in nano seconds if you ingest a gram of uranium, maybe a little longer but not much. At least I wouldn't think so. It is right pretty, ain't it?

  15. Two things. First, the calories we use to measur foods are actually kilocalories or thousand calories. So that's 18 million calories. At 2000 calories a day, 365 days a year, that's 25 years, not the rest of your life, unless you are in your 60s

  16. Technically, they're still right though. Eating a gram of uranium would last the rest of your life. Because it would kill you pretty quick.

  17. Fun fact: Several thousand years ago a man survived a severely fatal dose of uranium, but was badly disfigured and cast of from his tribe. He started his own tribe in the cover of the jungle, today known as The Urangotangs. True story.

  18. “Calories get two definitions. One is as a measure of how much energy something contains. The other is as a measure of how much energy a person can get from it. The usage for Uranium is the first one, as you don't get energy from eating Uranium; you just get cancer.

  19. What would actually happen if someone ate 18 million calories in a single gram of a substance? Aside from the effects of uranium what would happen?

  20. The word "technically" isnt correct since bodies arent made to ingest a shitton of calories at one time and be good for a while

  21. While completely true that statement is misleading because the calories in uranium aren’t stored in the form of carbohydrates or fats 🤓

  22. So if there is that many calories, what's amount can you digest without dying and how many calories would that be

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