Percentage of Total Team Points Scored by each driver so far this season

  1. Sure the visualisation is nice, but statistically it makes little sense to compare percentages in this context. Since points are not distributed linearly and team results are not homogenous.

  2. Yeah zhou and alonso are obviously doing better than what the stats say here. Both been performing amazingly but overall they've had bad luck.

  3. it's not like bottas is scoring 100+ points contending for the WDC, he's finishing 8-9th most races while Zhou finishes 12th-11th, so yeah they are pretty close but when you're right on the line for points the gap ends up massive

  4. Alfa Romeo are also consistently on the brink of points, so when zhou is only a few places back it’s the difference between points and 0 points for Bottas and zhou

  5. Zhou has been killing my fantasy team but I'm not dropping him. He's been driving consistently well but has had terrible luck. Him and Alonso should both have way more points.

  6. When you go down this list it's unsurprising to see the numbers, then you get to McLaren, and it's like, what on earth is going on here?

  7. You would think such a simple name wouldn't cause so many issues, but I genuinely see it misspelled almost as often as I see it written correctly

  8. The car was so crap at the beginning of the season that the two race head start Stroll had was meaningless. Doubt Seb would have scored points himself had he driven

  9. I really do like this graphic. It quickly and clearly shows the relative balance between teammates. Merc and Ferrari have drivers that are neck and neck. RB, AT, Alpine, and Haas have a driver that has the advantage, but the #2 is still bringing in solid points. And then McLaren, AM, AR, and Williams have a driver that hasn’t been able to produce.

  10. The difference in percentage terms gets reduced at the front and exaggerated at the back though so comparing across teams isn't really that meaningful. 10th to 9th doubles your points but 3rd to 2nd is only a 20% increase.

  11. Even if we ignore Zhou’s bad luck (we shouldn’t), let’s not forget that he’s a rookie competing against a very experienced midfield.

  12. Seems like its fairly representative outside of Alonso, just going by what I’ve observed race to race.

  13. And probably Zhou, who’s been pretty good the last few races when the car was moving and whole.

  14. Doesn't really tell the full truth here. Zhou being at 10% doesn't seem fair, I think he's driven better than that in most circumstances.

  15. The comparison does Zhou dirty, Bottas is definitely a better driver, but the gap should be closer if he had a bit more luck she reliability

  16. Sargeant is in the Williams academy and is currently 2nd in the F2 standings in his first season. Piastri supposedly has renault backing him with tens of millions to get a seat. It is between those 2.

  17. I would probably argue that the average difference in the positions where the drivers finished would be a better metric to compare performance against team-mates than purely points. The percentage of points scored heavily influences one good performance than consistency especially for low-midfield and backmarker teams.

  18. Let's just take a moment and aknowledge Ocons performance this year. Yeah I know all the Alonso-fan boys will say that Alonso gas been unlucky etc. but the data/points, which bring money to the team, show Ocon on top of Alonso at the moment. Well done Ocon.

  19. Data needs context, but he's doing well staying out of trouble and just driving decently, he doesn't have the highs of Alonso but he doesn't have the lows either, hopefully alpine gets their shit together because they should be cruising to 4th in the constructors with the way both drivers are performing.

  20. Credits to Ocon's side no matter what, but the data/points, which bring money to the team, look more one-sided because other factors played huge role.

  21. I like how Mercedes even though they’re not the best team this season but still no reliability issues and are constant in many aspects

  22. Some of these make perfect sense: Leclerc & Verstappen are the team leaders, Magnussen & Albon are better drivers & more experienced than Mick & Latifi, and Zhou is a rookie vs Bottas that's had terrible luck and should by all rights score way higher.

  23. am I right in thinking that Merc are the only team where the #2 driver has more points than the #1? Unless Alpine consider Alonso to be the #1

  24. I don't like these kinds of stats. The stronger teams will always have a more equitable distribution of percentage points than the smaller teams so it's completely incomparable.

  25. I know Alonso’s had bad luck and this isn’t fully representative of his driving skill BUT….I’m not sure if I were Alpine I would re-sign him and lose out on Piastri who could be generational.

  26. He's been marred by bad luck and unfortunate safety cars, but he's been consistently faster overall than george in race pace. He's been closing the gap the past few races as nothing has gone against his strat, so i suspect he'll finish quite far ahead of George. Bit premature to slander him, and a bit misguided especially if youve been actually watching the races.

  27. The team has said that because he is the more experienced driver he is taking on a more experimental role in the team. I wouldn’t read too much into the points difference. He also has been doing much better the past few races compared to earlier in the season.

  28. I will never understand people defending Latifi belonging in this sport. He is preventing us from seeing real deserving race car drivers.

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