Carbon fiber pla?

  1. I'm trying PLA CF from polymaker right now. I don't have much to compare it to but I can say that after upgrading to a hardened steel nozzle (costs like 5 bucks), my durable but not-all-metal hot end is having no issue printing at 230. I am drying the filament with a special 50* dehydrator for 8 hours before I use it, and that does make a huge difference.

  2. I've have about 200 rounds through both an AR9 and an ar15 lower. Using the atomic CF PLA extreme impact stuff. Everything is holding up fine.

  3. In my experience cf pla tends to be more brittle. Slightly better in things like rigidity, but that means nothing if it will snap and crack after a drop or two.

  4. Carbon fiber filaments are more brittle. Glass filled filaments are what's up. They have similar hotend requirements and cost about the same.

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