Came out very nicely, gonna order a p80 g19 lower parts kit for her.

  1. There's a difference between upright and at an angle. You want the frame to be either rails up or rails down but with no angle, or at most a 15 degree angle according to some. Printing at the 45* angle you did has shown to make the frame much weaker.

  2. Gotcha ill look into it on my next one, i have had really good results with this pla+ making plenty of other mechanical parts so i m not too worried about the orientation, but ill definitely do rails straight down next time to maximize the strength as well as using asa instead of pla+ for some more heat resistance.

  3. Mine was actually really snug, i had to heat up the slide cut for the notch on the tlr, then press the tlr into the notch, but its been very tight since and i have tried prying on it since i was curious if it was really on good enough.

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