can any of the cad gods make this a reality for 3dprinters?

  1. I think I remember something like this being a real thing. And it barely worked as a full product let alone a 3D print.

  2. Are you thinking about the USFA ZiP .22? The pistol with a charging lever that requires you put ur hand Infront of barrel?

  3. The amount of people on this sub obsessed with putting their fingers so close to the tip of the barrel is fascinating

  4. Chamber is in a pretty normal place for a handgun... Remember the chamber is in front of the magazine, not over it

  5. It looks like it’d have an insane amount of muzzle rise too. Most of the weight is behind the wrist. Not to mention that grip looks insanely cramped.

  6. Ahh, the good old reliable Seburo C-25, the issue sidearm favored by the various departments within the Public Security Bureau, especially those in the Section 9 counter terrorism department.

  7. Ive never shot a true bullpup before but arent most handguns basically bullpups anyway? And glock triggers are arleady mushy so could it really be that bad?

  8. It’s cool looking, but looks to be a offhand finger remover if not careful. The mag most likely would not function well if at all. But it is a cool concept and something different.

  9. If your definition of bullpup is "magazine located behind the trigger", then technically virtually every pistol is a bullpup (with an exception for the C96, of course).


  11. Ultra compact pistol? I could see this being possible if the mag in the back was straight not rounded

  12. Thought experiments ARE fun, and I do believe this is possible. That being said, making the OAL shorter (the main purpose of a bullpup) is a moot point on a pistol because you can just… bring it in closer to yourself.

  13. Any arms with a muzzle close enough to the trigger that you could sweep your own trigger finger while holding the gun properly are a terrible idea.

  14. As a CAD demigod / CAD nephilim I can confidently say yes it's possible, but probably not without custom making a lot of parts, and I certainly wouldn't want to put in the effort for something that looks like it would struggle to feed, could blow off a finger on my support hand, and be slow and cumbersome to draw.

  15. That's the kinda gun you pull on an enemy to confuse them long enough to allow you to kick em in the nuts.

  16. If this had a long slide with like a 7-8" barrel I think it could be a cool design. But the way this is setup it's just asking for some lost digits.

  17. Wouldn’t be worth the time in cad, let alone the time it would take it make it actually work reliably imo

  18. If be extremely interested to see how accurate this could be if it had like a 7-9 inch barrel on it. It would also keep your fingers safe that way...

  19. How would you draw this from a holster? The whole thing would be covered. Seems cool but would just be a toy.

  20. is this really worth it? The slide looks to be conventional, feeding conventional. You don't really gain any benefit in OAL reduction with this design like you would a rifle, as you can position a handgun in free space and mechanically you aren't cutting anything away?

  21. I don't like the idea of my hand that close to the muzzle of any pistol, let alone a 3D-printed one. You need to push forward and down to control recoil, a layer-line fracture and runaway would result in your hand becoming an excellent pasta strainer. Not likely, but certainly far from impossible in some circumstances.

  22. Mechanically the rounds look like they feed up from the far back of the slide. Not that you couldn't engineer something but you couldn't use traditional aftermarket parts because the action on a glock or whatever is farther forward

  23. It looks cool but it also looks unsafe AF to use. It doesn't look any more compact than a standard semi auto pistol. That magazine looks like an ammunition feeding failure inducer. The controls are all fucky.

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