Matador arms Montgo-9 Request. Would love to see some legit lowers made around this platform. As well as the upper extrusion if possible. I believe the buffer less design will help.. If you need individual parts we will make kits as necessary. Thanks guys.

  1. Would be easy to design for but I just can't see dropping $600 for it. Not to say it isn't nice or well made. But a complete Mac upper is around $300

  2. I think kits and individual parts would be awesome. I know there are some prolific designers with a Montego on their list of stuff to buy.

  3. Ive got a 5 inch 556 built on one of their lefty side chargers. Man its slicker than cum on a gold tooth!

  4. It's compatible with all AR9 lowers. So there's already a pack out there that has lowers for almost every 9 mm magazine that exists

  5. It just mates with any AR9 lower. I know those files are out there. The back end doesn't need a buffer tube. That would be better picatiny. Ive also seen some crazy mac 11 designs out there. I will work on getting step files for those that need it asap.

  6. Then It sounds like there’s only one thing holding you back. Your first draft will never be as good as the finished novel, your first design will not be as good as the finished design.

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