Just for fun again!!! If you could only use one pen ( same model, but can switch up the nib size). But has to be same pen, for rest of life? What would it be.

  1. Nope. I reject your proposal. I can’t even use just one pen for a single day. I’ve used three of them so far and it isn’t even 8am.

  2. I bought Ranga Abhimanyu with a medium and fine Bock nib units. I use this pen as a daily driver, I change my ink every weekend for the week to come. If I choose a sheening or a shimmering ink like a J Herbin 1670 blue ocean or a Krishna moonview, I install medium nib, if I choose a well behaved ink like Tsuki-yo I switch to a fine nib.

  3. I have an Abhimanyu as well, it’s a great pen. I felt I could stand something a little bigger, so I bought a Splendour, which is comically large and exactly what I hoped for.

  4. Bit of a cheat answer: probably a Pro Gear with a Zoom nib. I'd still be able to have a variety of line widths from the nib which still being able to pick a pen with an aesthetic I like. This was I don't have to fuss around with changing the nib, which I may have ruined pens by doing before...

  5. It's so nice to go through the comments and see all the people who have found "their" pen (or at least close enough). I've been thinking and thinking about this and I can't decide!! I don't think I've found the perfect pen body for me yet, the perfect weight and the perfect width with a nib (s) that I like. I'll get there!

  6. Sailor Pro Gear KoP. There may be better pens out there, but I’m content and I’ve stopped looking for now.

  7. In terms of writing experience, Pilot 823F. In terms of sturdiness, Lamy 2000EF. In terms of ink economy, Sailor ProGear 21k EF.

  8. I'd love to say my Pilot Custom 823, but as much as I try to fight it off, I keep coming back to the same position. I'd pick one of my Lamy Safaris. They just work. Always. Every darned time. If I was after something purely functional, something that just does the pen thing without fuss or drama, the Safari is hard to beat.

  9. Pilot VP. It’s not actually my fave (though I like it) but I can use it at work (need one-handed operation). Can I get it in raden though???

  10. I mean, can I use a nib from any other company in this hypothetical, not just different sizes of the same company’s nib? If the former, then a Pelikan M800 since I love the quality of Pelikan’s piston system and the ease of cleaning. If the latter, a Sailor King of Pen, since Sailor pens are comfortable to write with and their nibs are excellent.

  11. At 50 pens, this would be torture; you could argue that Pelikans are small variations of each other, so my grail m605 would be a contender since I have 9 Pelikans, soon to be 10... But Waterman Carènes are just too beautiful, if way more finicky. My Waterman 33 also represents some sort of perfection.

  12. pilot custom heritage 912 with FA nib but just for the game because I don't know if I coud and sure woudn't leave all my other favrite pen.

  13. Pilot custom heritage 92! That thing is my workhorse, and I love it for writing and drawing. I don’t even need to change the nib on it, i’m pretty good with the F.

  14. Pelikan M101N. I’ve got two, and in my 40+ collection, they have been solid favorites since I got them. They do have custom grinds and added lex for bounce (not flex writing). If I had to sell everything, I would keep those two (don’t ask me to decide between them—I love my children equally.)

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