Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille smells like Mug root beer?

  1. Just tried this today, and I'm glad that I'm not the only one that is getting this. It's like a syrupy root beer smell with a tinge of vanilla. I would also agree with the cream soda comment, I can definitely see how it would turn that way. Influenced by batch? Or skin type? Definitely not tobacco or much vanilla to me at all.

  2. Fascinating. What I’ve discovered since messing with perfume is that apparently scents are not objectively interpreted between people— one person can smell scent X and smell pumpkin (for example) and another might smell scent X and smell seaweed…. But it’s the same scent, with no similarity at all between what the two separate people perceive it to smell like. People talk about smelling wood or almond in Baccarat rouge, but all I smell is sweetness. I tried smelling L’eau d’Issey and I can only describe the main note as decaying, rotting vegetation, maybe asparagus. I tried smelling Armaf Sillage, and all I smelled was bitter celery something. And people pay money for those because they like how they smell! I know no one would ever pay to smell like rotting asparagus, and yet that’s precisely what I smell in the L’eau d’Issey. So I can only conclude that scents have some kind of deviation from person to person… so perhaps the stuff they put in Tobacco Vanille smells really nice and tobacco-y and vanilla-y to some/most people, but to some (like you and I) we perceive it as sickeningly sweet rootbeer/cream soda/etc. This just reinforces to me how smart it is to always smell samples first and avoid blind buying— because in addition to having no idea if I’ll like a given scent (as intended by the perfumer) or not, I also have no idea if I’ll even be able to smell what the perfumer intended— or if they pumped it full of something most people can’t detect but that to me is overwhelming and smells awful.

  3. This scent lines up with the notes I typically like so I stopped by a counter today to liberally try. First thought was licorice which quickly turned to cat urine. My body chemistry must be really funky. Could not drive home quick enough to take a shower. 😟

  4. It’s definitely atypical, however, I have heard people mention it before. I personally get a strong cherry-like pipe tobacco, vanilla, dried fruits and cloves, like a crazy amount.

  5. Unpopular opinion here, I have not tried a TF fragrance that actually smells good to me. Neroli Portofino is the best one I've smelled and that is just meh. Regarding TV , to me it just smells like tobacco and vanilla, as it should, but it is not impressing in any way. It can be nasty af.

  6. Finally tried my first TF fragrances last week and was not impressed at all. Tried Noir Extreme and Grey Vetiver. They were good but I expected way more

  7. Smells like pall mall red rolling tobacco. And i usually don't perceive tobacco notes as tobacco, but i 100% do in tobacco vanille.

  8. I'm surprised not many people mention it. I 100% agree with you, If I spray it lightly all I smell is root beer or vanilla coke. And I love the fact that it does :)

  9. I get a mulled cider kind of vibe from it but heavy on the added tobacco. You might just be getting the spices and earthy sweetness of the tobacco.

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