Newcomers' Fragrance Bar (monthly)

  1. Female, “elder millennial”. Stumbled in looking for a signature scent for a new home / new life. Quite enjoying the poetry of it all and remembering smells (Baby Soft ! Gap Dream !) from my childhood and teen years.

  2. I'm 20! I'm a woman from SoCal and I'm really happy to be here. I started getting into fragrance when a person I knew online mentioned Pineward- I thought their scents were so interesting I impulse got a discovery set from them and I just fell in love with the act of smelling each one and picking out the notes and feelings each one evoked. After that I couldn't help just diving deeper into the world of fragrance and ended up here as I got more interested in learning about the world of fragrance. I'm definitely more interested in indie perfumes, I like how different and natural so many of them smell.

  3. 33 Female, USA. I have been into fragrances my whole life smells have been and still are my favorite sense and brings me joy. My first perfume my mom bought me was Gloria Vanderbilt and it did not smell good to a 5th grader. Gave her the bottle.

  4. As a child I would pick flowers from the garden and soak petals and pungent weeds in water to make "perfume". We lived in Siberia and all the Guerlains and Chanels might as well have been in the parallel universe. There was mom's Krasnaya Moskva, a sickly sweet dense concoction that you could repel bears with. First thing I bought on my first trip abroad with my scholarship money was a box of Chanel Cristalle. Still love that champagne sparkle.

  5. 18m i’ve been into fragrances for about 3 months now. My first was invictus by paco rabanne. i’m currently sitting at 4 bottles of cologne. My fav in my collection is JPG ultra male

  6. Mid 20’s M. I got into fragrances during the pandemic. I wore cologne before then, but only owned one bottle at a time. Now I have about 10 bottles. Favorite so far is Xerjoff Nio, Dior Homme Original, and Amouage Reflection Man.

  7. 28m USA. I’ve been into fragrance for a year now. I really got into fragrance after going to a store in the mall and getting ripped off by someone who convinced me to buy a very inexpensive fragrance for a high price. I was pretty upset after finding out the actual cost. The store had a no return policy. So I wanted to make sure that I never got tricked like this again because of my lack of knowledge. I watched videos, read this sub, read up on fragrantica and it piqued my interest of the fragrance world! A year later I now own 48 different fragrances. Couldn’t be happier with them! They have opened up my eyes. I love learning about all things fragrance related!

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