What is your opinion of Alien Goddess?

  1. It’s nothing earth shattering, but it’s a really lovely beachy fragrance that doesn’t deserve all the hate it seems to get! Don’t expect Alien vibes, it’s more like the younger, chiller, beach babe with flowers in her hair and a fresh coconut in her hand, cousin of Alien

  2. I love this one personally. It gets a lot of hate due to it doesn’t smell like classic Alien, but that’s why I like this so much bc I can’t handle the EDP of regular Alien. I love the coconut/vanilla combination. I understand it’s not everyone’s favorite but I’m loving it.

  3. which one would you recommend? I wanted beach walk and am scared about longevity, but have wanted something beachy for the longest time :)

  4. Generic, but good if you’re looking for a simple summery coconut/vanilla combo. Also smells nothing like Alien. At least to my nose.

  5. HATE IT on me, but my sister put it on and it smells great on her. I think it’s body chemistry but also the fact I find it a very “young” scent and not my vibe.

  6. I’m wearing a sample of it right now actually! Kind of reminds me of a fragrance I would have picked up at claire’s when I was 13. Not bad, kind of boring, tooth achingly sweet

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