Is Creed Aventus appropriate for high school?

  1. It works as an everyday scent but for the price you can get three different bottles and have a nice little rotation going for yourself.

  2. This. It's 1/10 the price and after 15 minutes it pretty well smells identical. Having said that you can easily gas out your classroom so 1 spray max.

  3. Yes of course. There's no rules against it right? You will smell ten times better than the others wearing eros and sauvage

  4. It’s a classy fragrance that’s definitely a cut above the rest, but it’s also structured similarly to a lot of younger-marketed fragrances and definitely has a modern feel. I’d say go for it!

  5. It's my opinion that you can wear almost every perfume as long as you apply it correctly. Not every perfume should be applied in the same amount. Some need half a spray, some need five or six sprays.

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