SOTD Monday 6th December 2021

  1. Hermetica - Amberbee. Sweet and cozy, good for a cool holiday season evening. Just enough woody notes to keep it from being a gourmand fragrance toe. The sweet notes bring to mind rum balls for some reason.

  2. Mancera Indian Dream! It's so sweet andpowdery during the opening but that dry down.... It's a creamy, musky, vanillic woody smell that is very niche-like and unique. Strong performance with regards to longevity on skin!

  3. Cacharel Loulou. Oof. This is supposed to be vanilla, almond and gardenias with a whiff of incense, but on me the incense takes over and it becomes a total scrubber.

  4. I’m giving some samples I didn’t love a second try this week... in the office today so giving Aventus for Her a crack. I think if it’s the right batch number I’ll have any number of nubile young adults throwing themselves at me and be promoted to Managing Director sometime around lunch?

  5. After not wearing any scents besides deodorant the last few days due to choral concerts (it's a major break of etiquette to wear a perfume during choral singing), I'm finally able to wear something again. Today it's a bit overcast and gloomy and I wanted something with a bit of the same. So the scent for today is MMM Autumn Vibes. I get a forest floor with spices and it gradually turns into burning leaves. It definitely makes me recall living in the forest of New England (and all the associated yardwork)

  6. Penhaligon's Sartorial. I got some samples yesterday and this one sends me back to wearing Brut in Middle School in the best way possible.

  7. Wore giveanchy gentleman EDT to school today. The dry down smells like a weaker version of Ralph’s club.

  8. Working from home and wearing Guerlain Habit Rouge today. Particularly happy with this scent after getting a text last night from a recent date asking what fragrance I was wearing and saying it smelled really good!

  9. I wore swiss arabian casablanca today. My coworker bestie said it wasnt bad just a little too strong for her nostrils. It kinda hurt me… I did do 12 sprays FAWKKKkk LMAO IM so crazy with the over spraying sometimes. I think the synthetic oud was too much . oopsies!

  10. Mancera Hindu Kush. Might have oversprayed slightly because I have been smelling it very clearly all day long. Performance is A+ and the scent itself is so pleasant.

  11. Just got my bottle of Mancera - Instant Crush. I really got a good deal on a 4oz. bottle and decided to take the plunge and blind buy since I like the notes.

  12. December is my month of SAMPLES! Today I am trying Kerosene’s Unknown Pleasures (not terrible, but not for me, so I scrubbed), Sweetly Known (better, but not what I anticipated; I’m iffy on whether I like it or not and will probably sample it daily to see), and Follow (clear winner of the three).

  13. Working my way through a bunch of samples this month, so I reached in my bag and grabbed Coach Dreams Sunset. Top notes are pear ice cream and bergamot. It kind of reminded me me of a pina colada and made me wish it was summer.

  14. Doing a test of Rogue Perfumery Derviche and Tabac Vert- one on each wrist. Derviche is the clear winner. Big intoxicating amber notes mmm.

  15. Derviche is amazing, and I'm not sure why it's not mentioned more often. It's very well balanced, with just the right amount of sweetness (I can't stand anything overly sweet) and animalic facets.

  16. Despite using White Diamonds for donkey's years, I only tried Passion last winter. Glad I did 😈

  17. Tom Ford Noir EdP (yes, the male version, a suggestion from a man that also wears Passion [in both, the female and male version])

  18. Last night I applied a dab of Givenchy III, from a vintage mini. I’m in the dry down now, it’s ravishing. I’m hoping my big sample order from The Perfumed Court arrives today.

  19. Accidentally deleted my SOTD post from earlier, but that’s alright because I’m onto SOTD #2: Atelier des Ors Bois Sikar. This one feels lopsided to me. Too much smoke, not enough…compensation? And I like smoke.

  20. wearing glossier’s you today because the bottle just came and i was excited to try it out! otherwise i was planning to wear worn ariana’s cloud layered with kiehl’s musk

  21. I'm wearing Jardins d'Ecrivains Junky, which is meant to have a dominant cannabis note in it, but I don't get that at all. On me it's straight violet with a tiny hint of underlying woodiness. Definitely not anything even remotely transgressive; it's just a green floral. Not something I'd reach for again.

  22. I sampled that once when it was on discount and I also didn't get cannabis at all.. But actually I can't even remember how it smelled like.

  23. I'm testing out PdM Oajan, Safanad, Cassili, and Oriana! Oriana and Safanad are both pleasant but a no. I think I might like Oajan for my husband. I'm trying to determine if Cassili is special enough to consider purchasing.

  24. I agree with all of this. I wanted to like Oriana, I truly did, but I kept sniffing myself and thinking “Who let the tween in?” ;) I can see it working really well as a holiday present for a high schooler who is leaning in hard to niche perfumes.

  25. I'm wearing my ELDO sample of Tom of Finland. Usually not my cup of tea, as I prefer feminine fragrances, but it's the Finnish indepencence day today. I wanted to wear something Finland related either by smell or name, and ended up choosing this.

  26. Not wearing anything yet as I have a ton of samples and a couple of full bottles coming in the mail today! It’s going to be hard to choose

  27. I’m testing out PDM Oriana today. It’s fine. It’s inoffensive but certainly not something to get excited about.

  28. Exactly how I feel. To me, it smelled like a sugary candy, almost exactly like a Pez candy, with a wee hint of vanilla and white floral on the drydown. It was nice but it didn't smell unique or elegant enough to warrant its pricetag. You could get a very similar scent for much cheaper with a PINK body mist.

  29. Downvoting a SOTD post is silly, as is downvoting almost anything -- unless it's offensive or misleading or something. But that's just my opinion; trolls gonna troll. Thank you for posting -- I'm happy for anyone to post it at any time, and I think it's a fun place to come and add your two cents and check in with everyone. I'm wearing Elizabeth & James Nirvana French Grey, and a big glob of Tiger Balm. 0/10 would not recommend this layering combo but expect/hope the camphor to fade soon.

  30. Very much agree with your downvote philosophy; I use my arrow pretty sparingly as well (and rather enjoy the randomness of SOTD timing - it keeps things interesting).

  31. TF Oud Wood v. Dua Bois Oudh. I have them on each arm to test how close the clone is to the original. It's very close after an hour. OW smells a little more natural. BO has a little more friendliness to it (maybe just a drop of powder), but smells a little more synthetic. The BO is a little stronger. Either way, my wife says they both smell "kinda generic".

  32. For the grad seminar in American Studies I teach, we're discussing two readings on queer sexuality in NYC in the 1920s, so I thought it only appropriate to wear Maison Martin Margiela's Replica Jazz Club. It's a warm and rich boozy scent. I don't love it but it seemed right.

  33. Pure's kinda just "meh" for me right now, so I think I need to spice it up. Will probably layer FB's Tobacco over top.

  34. Today I'm wearing Billie Eilish's new fragrance. Sweeter than I thought it would be, but pretty enjoyable. Very creamy amber vanilla.

  35. I’m not really a Billie fan (bigger into Billie Joe from Green Day lol), but I want to try this perfume! It sounds lovely from the note descriptions.

  36. It's never a bad time for SOTD! I am sampling Radical Rose from Matière Première. The initial blast reminds me slightly of Tom Ford Rose Prick but it quickly transition towards a heavy patchouli rose.

  37. I smelled this 10yrs ago at the beginning of my fragrance collecting and I quite enjoyed it but I’m going to have to return to it soon, I’d probably appreciate quite a bit more now. Enjoy :)

  38. I’m wearing Tom Ford Tuscan Leather for a change. Feels nice, the cold weather really brings out the sweet fruits and spices. I’ll always love this fragrance, I just have to spray it lightly to avoid choking people (including myself) out.

  39. Oh and I told you the differences but the similarities is where it shines. Un air dapogee maintains this hay and tobacco feeling, more importantly the great use of coumarin, and MOST importantly of all the texture of the fragrance. Still beautifully hazy and honeyed.

  40. Ooh, this one sounds like great fun. I love a little pomelo, personally, and whi doesn't love a good old-fashioned earthy drydown?

  41. My limitations as a member of this species of ape, only in the early stages of its evolutionary journey to wisdom and open mindedness, will cause me to completely overlook this one due to my distaste for grapefruit

  42. i think post karma doesn’t count towards your total like comment karma does. so it won’t really change your overall account karma, if that’s the concern

  43. I'm not concerned about Karma at all. But I am concerned that some people may not want to post again after seeing they've been downvoted (even if it was for no obvious reason). Just wanted to tell them it's not their fault and they should not pay too much attention on it.

  44. You reminded me that I own this! Well, flanker Very Irresistible Intense, anyway, which I bought early in my scent exploration. Now smelling like a mall in solidarity.

  45. I flip between really liking this because of the bright pear and thinking it's super generic, again because of the bright pear lol and also the musky rose.

  46. Prada Mimosa for me today - it is freezing cold, grey, and raining here, so I thought I'd go for something that's pretty unapologetically sparkly and joyful. Most of my lighter fragrances are quite unisex, too, so it's nice to go for something a bit more feminine from time to time.

  47. Thanks for the reminder not to sweat the down votes ( or do it for no reason ). Not everyone likes everything and the alternative is an echo chamber which helps no one.

  48. Wearing again my recent favourite Les Indémodables Escale En Indonésie. It was perfect beach weather today for me. But I was headachy so didn’t go. At least with this I can smell like I’ve been swimming in the ocean.

  49. Bouquet Ideale is such a nice choice! I was using it a lot earlier this month - it suits cold weather rather well, doesn't it?

  50. I am testing out a sample of L’Artisan Passage d’Enfer today. It starts out with a blast of pepper, incense and wood and then quickly settles down to a very musky incense. Honestly, I was expecting something harsher and more dramatic based on the name.

  51. Tocca Cleopatra for me today. Most Tocca stuff shares so many notes I feel like they are flankers of each other, not stand alones, so even though I like them, I am kinda meh on which one I like most. Then there's this one, which is unlike anything else. That creamy cucumber melon meets musk is just sooo nice, and I keep smelling myself.

  52. My mom had ordered 3 bottles and if I am not mistaken, to my nose they've all been bossted heavily by hedione and musks, and yes, there weren't much differences. But I guess the marketing concept has to rely on being mass appealing and inoffensive (if I'm not confusing this brand with another that has been sold on TV/QVC?)

  53. Daylight is just peeking out here, but today looks to be overcast, so I'm leaning into those vibes with BDK Gris Charnel. It's such a hug of a scent, the woodiness both creamy and spicy with just a dash of fruit. My sample is not going to last much longer, may have to pull the trigger on a larger bottle soon!

  54. I opted for Memoir Man today. Weird and fragmented cold december day with an appointment with the barber in th afternoon, so I find this incense-y fougere quite fitting.

  55. French lover was one that my nose just struggled to comprehend. I need to return to it. I mean I could tel the obvious I was getting earthy wet green woodY, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around how exactly I was to interpret the scent.

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