Celebrity perfumes that you like?

  1. Gwen Stefani/lamb L perfume is my all time favorite. It’s so unique. I also love Britney’s my prerogative. I layer it with A*men.

  2. I keep a bottle of John Varvatos x Nick Jonas blue in my truck as a spare/last-minute scent. I was surprised how much I ended up liking it!

  3. I like quite a few celebrity fragrances. My favorites are Jessica Simpson Fancy, Sofia Vergara Love, Paris Hilton Dazzle, and Jennifer Lopez Live.

  4. I do love Ariana Grande God Is A Woman - it's the only one of hers that smells decent on me, and Britney Spears fantasy always reminds me of being a teenager lol

  5. moonlight by ariana grande! sillage and lasting power is poor but i like to spray it on myself before i head to bed. smells like sugar plum and marshmallows :+)

  6. Anything by Britney Spears. Ariana Grande: Cloud and God is a Woman. Jessica Simpson: Fancy. Kim Kardashian: Pure Honey 😀

  7. Most of the celebrity perfumes I've tried are generic, usually duping a popular fragrance or fragrance trend. Most are too sweet for my taste but these are the ones I wear and have enjoyed.

  8. I love Cloud by Ariana and Ari. Also love Britney Spears Fantasy. Now I’m digging the Eilish by Billie Eilish it smells good and my husband loves it when I wear it.

  9. White, Black, Bourbon and Rose from the Mary-Kate and Ashley Nirvana line. Also their old Coast to Coast scents are my jam, LA Beach Honeysuckle and NYC Star Passionfruit. So cheap and good. KKW Metallic Hearts, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. KKW x Jeff Leatham Jasmine Air. KKW Crystal Gardenia and Crystal Citrus. KKW Emerald Diamond. Britney Spears Fantasy.

  10. I really like Cloud Intense. I actually went to Ulta with the intent to purchase it but it was sold out. Didn’t find it at Marshall’s either. Dolly’s perfume that came out recently is beautiful! I love it actually. It’s a big floral yet manages to be different than lots of the common florals I smell in the wild. The whole Nirvana line by the Olsen’s is really good too. I used to have a few bottles. I want to get my nose on Fenty next!

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