Mugler: Alien Goddess 👽 ✨—What do y’all think?

  1. I’m obsessed with it. I sampled a ton of perfumes at Ulta today (over 50) and this one stood out to me. It is lovely. I’m using my 20% off coupon on it when the sale comes around. I don’t get coconut at all. Just smooth vanilla bourbon with a hint of jasmine. Walked out with a travel size bottle because I want my boyfriend to smell it.

  2. I like coconut but strong powder, amber or vanilla notes make me recoil. I have not enjoyed any Mugler that I’ve smelled so far.

  3. Alien Goddess is the only Alien I actually like (I have a bottle). I actually like the scent better in the cold than when it’s hot out. I don’t usually like coconut notes in perfumes but the cold really helps with toning it down and bringing out the vanilla.

  4. I have a full size 2oz bottle. I adore it, I love coconut and vanilla in this perfume so well done. Also I like the pretty gold bottle. My mom even bought a bottle because she loves the scent too! 👽💛

  5. It’s sooooooo good! It’s takes me on a tropical yet elegant journey as if I was staying at a high class resort in Hawaii lol. I have the travel size now, but I will definitely be full sizing!

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