Really, really disappointed in Roja Enigma Parfum

  1. Don't make appointments and you won't get disappointed 😅 that being said, I tried enigma and I think it's very well done I just don't like these heavy oriental frags

  2. Roja Dove fragrances strike me as utterly mediocre and uninteresting, at best competently made, but sadly derivative. The Creed style price gouging and pretentiousness makes some kids on YouTube believe they’re “exclusive”, which they mix up with quality. I prefer a comparatively affordable Guerlain classic any day, or, if you want to step it up a bit, Parfums de Nicolaï.

  3. I think I’ve said this here before, but Enigma smells like an old couch that fell victim to way too many spilled rum and cokes. I’d much rather wear YSL Opium which has a similar vibe but far less oppressive

  4. So I've tried Enigma and loved the opening, but was disappointed in the rest. It opens with that soda element, smelling like Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola, but quickly goes into a plain honey scent, and in that case you are better off wearing ANYTHING else that gives off that profile - think Kilian 'Gold Knight' or Parfums de Marly 'Oajan'. For designer, even '1 Million Prive' from Paco Rabanne. In my opinion it had no relevant longevity and good sillage for only the opening. If the scent was able to maintain that soda element, it would definitely be rated far more than it is currently.

  5. Find a niche perfumery that sells them. Otherwise purchase samples / a discovery set from the brand or from a sample provider like ScentSplit, Yuniqu etc (note: these are just 2 brands that came to my mind, I only purchase samples from the official brands).

  6. Unless one is a patchouli and oakmoss fan he may not like it. One needs to explore deeper and with an open mind to allow such mature notes to be appreciated.

  7. I've tried a few of their most popular ones, alongside Xerjoff. Really wasn't thrilled with any of them, especially for the obscene price points.

  8. I just got a sample of Enigma Parfum Cologne after reading all the “coca cola” hype about it. While it does smell bubbly at first, it was such a weird, sharp and bizarre smell and couldn’t wait to scrub it off. I did get to the dry down another time which was better but don’t think I ever want to smell it again. My first experience with Roja too, not off to a good start.

  9. I’m the same way, never liked enigma and enjoy elysium. The parfum cologne is not as dense as the parfum and a bit easier to wear.

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