Fragrance for a teacher?

  1. Bleu Noir Parfum... blue ish... has a citrus that doesn't last past the opening and just a pretty relaxed and calm scent that seems beyond time of day and season. Would suit a crisp shirt, or sweater weather.

  2. I dunno how adventurous you are, but as a primary school teacher I'd think you could get away with wearing a lot of fun fragrances. Especially gourmands since you're looking for something cold weather. Working with kids doesn't really require you to wear super masculine scent profiles at least. I'd play around and find something you enjoy. My suggestion would be Lait de Biscuit.

  3. Two, that’s exactly the vibe I’m going for, something I’d like but nothing so strong I’ve got the kids choking throughout the day. Longevity is important which is why I’m not best pleased the majority pick is Versace Pour Homme which lasts about 20 minutes on me

  4. calvin klein’s all is nice! just bought it and it’s a bright citrus musk. really beautiful and almost velvet/y

  5. My boyfriend is a primary school teacher, he used all his life use L'eau Issey Miyake, but since we are together I have expanded his options hehe. These are the ones he uses! I hate aquatic on myself but love it on him so I gifted him some. He mostly has fresh fragances but they last quite on him.

  6. Try Bleu de Chanel Parfum. It trades in the citrus for more of a refined woody note. It doesn't have the projection to fill a room, but will last for a good amount of time.

  7. Don’t wear anything you’ll ruin it for the future guys when the girls say you smell like A teacher in the future

  8. I feel like gentle fluidity silver is a good option, although I wouldn’t really consider it to a blue fragrance. It works great in the heat and the cold and, for me, two sprays lasts well over 8 hours (in colder weather I might do 3 but I generally stick with 1 or 2).

  9. I really like the recent release of Dior Homme Sport. I think it’s versatile enough to work in warm weather and has a warmer side for the colder weather. Grapefruit, aldehydes, woods. I’m also a teacher and this is my go-to professional scent, at the moment.

  10. I think You or Someone Like You would be nice on a teacher, or something like with a fruit whiff to it like one spray of Aventus or Mile High or maybe a Guerlain citrus scent (grapefruit etc.). Anything too sexy seems weird.

  11. I just left teaching in April after 17 years. I tried not to wear anything too heavy but enjoyed wearing a different fragrance every day.

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