FREE 3-Count of Liquid I.V.'s best-selling Multipliers + Free Ship

  1. I agree they are expensive, but from my experience liquid IV is awesome. I drink them before going out for drinks and never wake up with a hangover. My best experience is when I drank one the night before my half marathon last month. I didn’t cramp up once even though I didn’t drink pretty much any water the whole time and I felt extremely hydrated throughout the whole thing!

  2. Just buy pocari sweat. It was literally made by a Japanese doctor who used to overwork himself and would sip IV fluid to keep working. He wanted to make and sell a drinkable IV fluid for the masses, and thus my favorite travel drink was born

  3. Thanks. I already buy these and use one everyday at work. Warning though,unless you are sweating out significantly you will need to pee very shortly after. A lot.

  4. I buy them from Costco (on sale right now). It’s a lot of sugar. It’s good if you’re dehydrated, or sick, or long day trips or hikes, but I don’t recommending drinking it everyday.

  5. I just wish they had a flavor or two without stevia leaf extract. I have dysautonomia and have to get extra electrolytes, but I'm allergic to stevia leaf. It's quite frustrating that so many products have it.

  6. Try the Great Value electrolyte packets! They do have artificial sweeteners but no stevia. They also make ones with caffeine, which I almost never see combined! Very cheap too, $1.75 for 10 packets.

  7. Hydrant doesn’t have stevia. It’s also kinda expensive but I hate artificial sweeteners, so worth it.


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