1. I mean ... Regardless of the absolute dumpster fire that show/books turned into... a three headed dragon is still pretty cool.

  2. Meanwhile, I got my 3 dragons tattoo after the finale lol I still love the Targaryens, especially Dany, so I don't really care about the dumpsterfire that was season 8.

  3. You could just say you're a really big fan of the board game, which is in fact, pretty damn good.

  4. As Danaerys started to burn the city, I didn’t care how dumb it was I took immense schadenfreude in every parent lamenting their naming choices. My favorite moment in later seasons.

  5. I’ve met one! And one I Dont think the mom actually watched the show either. I made several comments about the show (nothing distasteful. Just that I was reading the books and so on) and she did nothing. I even decided to start calling her daughter “your grace” at the dinner table and she still didn’t say anything

  6. I would still name my child Khaleesi or Daenerys, because I don't see her as the evil character she was being portrayed as at the end of season 8.

  7. I've entered medical records for kids named Khaleesi and the shit wasn't even spelled correctly. Imagine your parents being so low effort and retarded that they name you Kulleysee Kween Smith or some dumb shit like that? Really setting you up for success later in life.

  8. I got a kitten during the show and she's names Arya. But tbh its a pretty name imo even outside the show and its not a human child lol

  9. Let’s face it, those people in King’s Landing were horrible. Even Tyrion openly stated they should all be killed at one point. How many did Cersei actually kill with green fire?

  10. Khaleesi on its own is not such a bad name since it’s the Dothraki equivalent of queen. Dany is the one we know best in the show but there were dozens of other khaleesi among the Dothraki.

  11. This was an argument between my ex and I. I was saying Lord of the rings was the best Fantasy movie/show. He argued it was GOT. At the time, I had not watched GOT, he had not watched LOTR. He watched it, agreed it was good, but said I needed to watch GOT. I watched it, admitting it was amazing but in order to beat lotr, it needed to stick the landing. We all know who won the argument in the end.

  12. I've never even seen that show (either) but even I know what that spoiler text is hiding without even looking. Notoriety is a hell of a thing, isn't it?

  13. A lot of people didn't like AOT ending, but it didn't ruin the whole thing for me like GOT finale did. Maybe because GoT had been going downhill since season 5, while AOT was consistently good until like the last 7 chapters.

  14. When I was younger I was thinking of getting a Simpsons tattoo. And while the first seasons are great, like GOT, I think the later seasons ruined it for me.

  15. Each Simpsons episode takes place in a vacuum, so it's easy to pretend that the show ended somewhere around seasons 9 to 12.

  16. I actually kinda want a Simpsons tattoo. I want the Stone Cutters symbol near my ass like Homer has it. It’d be just for me and my wife to laugh at. That or Hans Moleman somewhere. He’s just so lovable and if you kiss him it’s like kissing a peanut.

  17. I got a couple of Simpsons tattoos because the episodes are solid to me and even though the show isn’t what it used to be, it still had a big impact on my life and every time I look at them, they make laugh and give me a smile.

  18. Sorry for all the dogs named Khaleesi, Arya, Ghost... imagine to remember where you got the name from, I'd get angry just thinking about it

  19. I’m naming my dog Lady. She was a good girl that didn’t deserve her end and now she’s gonna live on (and no one will realize the source unless they ask).

  20. Facts. I named my dog Arya and now she’s always teleporting behind me and saying “nothing personal kid.” She finds symbolic horses like everywhere. She says really obvious and dumb things like “I know a mailman when I see one.” It’s like yeah, he is wearing a uniform, got out of a truck that says USPS, and put mail in our mailbox. Literally everyone can tell that’s the mailman.

  21. My white German shepherd’s name is Ghost and people absolutely love her name even when they make the connection to GoT. That one will stand the test of time.

  22. Lmao. GoT ruined almost every single character in his last season, and did so in a sloppy heavy handed way. They were really only trying to ruin Daenerys but ended up destroying everyone around her and the story itself to get to that point. I would likely not regret a tattoo or naming a pet after a character, tbh.

  23. Dani Reese is how you get plausible deniability if you need it later ('I really loved Reese Witherspoon in Election!' - another film about brutally fighting your way to the top as it happens.)

  24. Could be GoT. Could also be some other shows like sopranos, lost, HIMYM probably forgetting a few. Then again I haven't seen lost but HIMYM and sopranos the things that make the ending bad for people seem smaller. As in its not the last 2 or 3 seasons that in the end seem pointless.

  25. I’d love to see what kind of HIMYM tattoos people might have lol. Not really the type of show that inspires tattoos I would think.

  26. Never get tattoos of popular media. I was considering a witcher tattoo at a time. Games still are great, but I'm not really into them anymore. Was considering a GOT or AOT tattoo at one point as well. You tend to grow out of it.

  27. I don’t have any tattoos, but my rule of thumb when friends ask for my input is that anyone turn out to be a pedofile. Any author, artist, musician, public figure, etc… any one of them could be a pedofile. I always recommend avoiding putting anything permanent on your body that is tied to or created by another human. That human could turn out to be a pedofile.

  28. I do have tattoos and always thought people were crazy for getting logos and pop culture references tattooed on them. Original artwork is the only thing that makes sense to me personally.

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