Poor woman! got destroyed with everyone's plots and politics

  1. I get it. If he’s alive they’ll want to pass his inheritance. Or there’s at least a chance to. Also if they knew he was alive they’d never let R & D marry

  2. I actually think it would’ve been really cool to see Laenor and his mom team up since clearly she’s kinda given up her ambitions for the throne.

  3. Honestly don’t know why Laenor and her haven’t struck up a dynamic. What they have in common is they don’t give a shit about politics. It’d be interesting if he sent her a letter, perhaps signed under a different name, where she realizes he’s alive but has no inclination to tell her husband

  4. Considering Rhaenys later throws herself into the heat of battle to basically do as much damage as possible and die in the process because she feels she has nothing left to live for with both her children and many of her grandchildren dead...

  5. Hearing her fully except that she would never wear the crown and make peace with it, then less than an hour later seeing how she still gets fucked over by the Game of Thrones… Heartbreaking.

  6. She was never even considered. Corlys and rhaenys were championing Laenor to be King. She would have received even less than the 20% support Laenor got.

  7. What happens to Laenors dragon? Don’t they have some crazy connection? Wouldn’t the dragon follow/find him somehow/know he’s not dead?

  8. It’s ironic how the way they let Laenor live is so awful for his folks and that random servant that I no longer like him or care if he’s happy

  9. I wish Rhaenyra and Leanor would have talked to Corlys and Rhaenys about the whole not being able to produce an heir situation. They would have helped them figure something out I believe. Unfortunately they where both too busy doing what ever the hell they wanted which just created a shit situation for all of them.

  10. I can’t say I was happy for Laenor, they pulled it like it was this neat twist and we’d be happy for him but legit actions speak louder than words and just hearing “you’re a good man” didn’t make him a good person when all we’ve seen is him fucking around and avoiding his responsibilities like a man child

  11. I do not like the show runner's take that Laenor wanted to escape his noble life and be free.... He did not. By all appearances in this show he was just fine. He had a cushy, happy life of castle, dragon, nice clothes, respect and love. They never showed him being dissed or shunned or lamenting his noble life. He was just gay. He felt bad about it for Rheanyra, but not in any other context.

  12. IDK, having a character give up everything to be with the one he loves and be happy is kinda fitting for a story where everyone ends up worse up for wanting all the cake and eat it too.

  13. He had voiced wanting to leave already. He had brought up the Stepstones multiple times. The only thing holding him was duty. Rhaenyra had to literally command him to stay by her side. Couple that with the growing rumours about his children, and his father's humiliation of his lover, then things begin to look more clear.

  14. Let’s see, he explicitly said he wanted to go back to adventuring. He was punched, watched his lover die, and had people laughing behind his back.

  15. He definitely wanted to not be at court anymore. Maybe he would have preferred to go around to fight with the knights, but he definitely was fed up with putting on the noble facade.

  16. I actually hate the change bc the I thought the element of Laenor dying by his lover added depth to the character. Laenor would have loved this man and was equally loved in turn. For him to abandon him for his station, and he killed by a heartbroken lover enraged by an unfair world is really poetic. This switch bullshit is bad Hollywood writing.

  17. Rhaenyra and Laenor were incredibly short sighted. They could have had the marriage annulled on the grounds Laenor was infertile, Rhaenyra has an excuse for having bastards and Laenor has an out that doesn’t put his homosexuality on blast for the entire kingdom.

  18. Annulment also means that the Strong Boys would be illegitimate. That's what separates annulment from a divorce in the modern sense, they retroactively become legal bastards. That's why Mary I was technically considered a bastard after Henry VIII annulled his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

  19. Tbh it probably wasn’t that simple. There would be huge ramifications from getting an annulment- and I don’t even know if one would work.

  20. It would put her in an irredeemable position. Having bastards is a big deal in this universe, even if your husband is gay.

  21. That scene reminded me when Cersei in GoT said “when you play the game of thrones you win or you die”. Although this is a bit different, their house did get involved directly with the Targaryen family and now they are paying the price

  22. Also her family is pretty stupid? I mean Daemon and Rhaenyra both have their kid suspiciously die before they immediately marry? And they know Rhaenyra’s kids aren’t their blood? But they serve them all the same?

  23. She's actually smarter than any other member of her house. She knows how things really work in the realm. Unfortunately her dumb husband and cousin and son don't listen to her.

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