These two minutes were the best 2 minutes in my entire gaming life. Never felt more badass (aside from the botched execution at the end lol)

  1. So intense isn’t it! Exhilarating battle I loved it so much. This game is such a gem! 💎 I know I’ve heard the legend Miyazaki dosnt like sequels but I would do anything to play out after the “return” ending and travel out west.

  2. I would die for a sequel but understand why they may not want to do it. There isn't much they can do new to the combat. It's already perfect. The story also feels finished tho Return ending does fel like sequel bait The severance ending probably has the most sequel friendly premise tho.

  3. Yeah I know I wouldn’t want the to change anything just more lol give me more of this sweet science it’s the perfect formula imo

  4. What I love about sekiro is that you are not rolling around and poking when ever you get some chance. In sekiro you are just fuckin badass who goes hand in hand with any other bosses…

  5. Watching shit like this makes me want to play sekiro even though I hate it and it is my least enjoyed fs game so far other than ds2. This shit makes me want to go back and keep trying.

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