Never forget what they took away from us

  1. LOOL given that the trains near me now have power plugs, I wonder if I should take my gaming PC, XBOX controller and a small monitor with me on one of the longer rides.

  2. For those 1 or 2 hour rides playing elden ring would be amazing thats the benefit of trains being able to do stuff during your commute!

  3. I once transported a TV with the ICE through half Germany. Wrapped it in a blanket and put it on a trolley. Worked fine.

  4. On a band trip in high-school I remember some guys in the back of the bus did something similar, they brought a small TV and a ton of us played smash it was awesome.

  5. I have been gaming since years in the train. Always on my laptop and sometimes i even take my portable wifi with me because the train wifi is shit. But a train at least has wifi.

  6. I used to take the Acela DC/NYC and I’d often see some pretty decent tv/game rigs. Always compact though - nothing this insane. Lots of switches.

  7. fuck avanti, the worst train company in the UK. Their standard class is usually around £20 more expensive than any other operator on the route. They cram all the standard class passengers in a small number of carriages and keep the rest for first class and "standard premium" which costs often £200+ more. how they are still in business I have no idea.

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