My X100S and I published a book this week! This camera travelled with me for a summer in Japan.

  1. Great stuff dude! Good choice on the cover too. Does Blurb make these types of books? I’ve been gathering my own collection of photos from Japan to publish something similar. Thanks for posting!

  2. Very excited about this! I’m working on something similar from my visit to Japan back in October 2019. Cheers! Can’t wait to enjoy your work!

  3. Having physical prints gives you a whole new level of appreciation. I think its so important. Big ups! The colors looks great!

  4. I'm thinking of doing something similar. Are you going to sell the book or just part of the creative process? If so where are you selling it? I'm hoping to create sets of books for publication but have no idea how to get started on that besides maybe amazon? Photos look great btw, congrats!

  5. Do you mind sharing your cover page with me? I’m trying to publish my first photo book as well with Blurb and I’m not sure on everything to include in the first page.

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