The magnificent power of drugs

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  2. "Okay, play it cool, no-one knows you're high. Just walk normally. This is definitely how I normally walk. Yeah. All in the arms. And the legs."

  3. ketamine is like switching from fly-by-wire with a bunch of sophisticated synchronization and autopilot features to fully manual independent control of each limb. it's confusing as fuck. if you try to make multiple limbs move at the same time, you just fall over. it's amazing how long it can take to fetch the remote control from the other side of the room.

  4. I was just gonna say, he is not in drugs, he is just an esteemed member of the ministry of silly walks! Seems obvious to me.

  5. The madman made a song using the animal sounds from a childrens electric keyboard my mind is melting

  6. Thank you guys so much for introducing me to this amazing band… it’s now my favorite. I’ve added it to my Spotify.

  7. The guy watching the door is like "That guy's not doing anything illegal, but I'm going to be in trouble for letting him in, aren't I....."

  8. Honestly. Isnt harming anyone. Unless hes an addict i think its pretty hilarious. Like my first time doing shrooms or acid.

  9. The remake of Spiderman 3 is a bit lower video quality than I would have expected, but I can get behind the updated dance number.

  10. I don't think cerebral palsy looks like this. It tends to look a bit more draggy and uncoordinated. He's kicking his legs and arms out way too far

  11. Ok the song Sunday Best is on the radio right now and works almost perfectly in sync with this fella. Someone more tech savvy than me put this together.

  12. I know a guy who tried to act normal to not show his mom he is high. He figured out that the best thing he could do is to start doing something that won't be in front of his mom, so he decided to cook. And this is what he did: he put some water in the bowl, put inside already cooked rice, took the bowl on the balcony, put the bowl in the closet and just sat down waiting for it. Meanwhile he was smoking a cigarette, well, at least that was the intention since he had nothing in his fingers

  13. Nothing more depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge. You behave like the drunken village idiot in some early Irish novel.

  14. Not sure if the song is the worst song I've heard this year, or the best song I've heard this year. 😂

  15. So is the guy on drugs the one flailing around or the one just standing there stoned out of his mind?

  16. This guy has impeccable spatial awareness and the amount of accidental hits of people and objects around him is strikingly zero.

  17. This reminds me of a video I seen a long time ago about some dude on drugs ? and he goes down some stairs and steals some CDs or something while some Russian dubstep is playing and he was Russian too maybe. it's on the precipice of my memory any help?

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