Our dogs got a electric dog paw cleaner for Christmas that cleans by rotating…

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  2. I have a non electric one and they are relatively soft. I have a very anxious dog and he doesn’t mind that I use it. He’ll freak out when I sneeze but the paw cleaner is ok lol

  3. My girls find ways to get clay in places it just doesn’t want to come out of. I’d try that just for a “challenge accepted” opportunity to clean their paws. They have a 20 second tolerance, so it might be worth my effort.

  4. I came here knowing in my heart of hearts this was said and I still was not disappointed, here lad take my upvote

  5. I mean those bristles probably aren’t as hard as they look. I’m willing to bet there are at least some guys who could maybe finish with this but I doubt I am one of them.

  6. Does it actually work? I think my wife has one of these but she still uses a towel every time the dog comes in from the rain...

  7. They work really well, but you'll still want a towel to dry off their paws after. You put water in them when you use it and it does a good job of removing the dirt/mud between their toes.

  8. We have the “manual” version of this (lol) and it’s pretty amazing, works very well and our dogs don’t mind it too much.

  9. Apparently they are great for actual muddy paws. Rather then wet wipes or needing like 4 full bath towels to wipe off all the mud.

  10. This is so dystopian to me. Peak consumerism. Why do you need a $34.99 device to clean your dogs feet? Why do any of us need a $34.99 device to clean out dogs feet?

  11. 1 Year Guarantee. 100% Discreet Shipping. Fast same day shipping. Discreet Billing. Your neighbors and wife will never suspect a thing

  12. These are great, my family got one. My son has offered to clean the dogs paws every night for the last couple of months, he says it works great and gets the job done quick. Sometimes it leaves a weird, coppery smell on the dogs paws which I think just means my son didn’t wash it out after cleaning the dogs paws, but other than that it seems to work really well.

  13. I probably would have about as much luck getting my dog to willingly put his paw in there as I would getting him to put his nose in the vacuum cleaner.

  14. I'm not an native English speaker. Had to translate what "paw" is because i thought is some synonim of dong by what i saw on the image.

  15. My dogs WILL NOT let me put their foot in the regular one let alone one that is making a mechanical sound.

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