Cameraman dies inside

  1. What was the point of it? I mean in what context does solving a simple math problem (poorly) make sense in, what I guess is, a news segment?

  2. You should send her a letter explaining how her TV class made you think that X=5 and how it lead to a severe mistake at the bank. Claim a reasonable amount in reparations and threaten her with a lawsuit if your demand isn't met.

  3. She already knew the answer was 3 and was so preoccupied with giving a good performance she didn't realize she put the 3 on the 2nd line.

  4. I've done this before -- was extremely nervous during a school presentation and misspelled a really basic word without noticing. It was the only thing I had written on the board the entire presentation.

  5. As a teacher, I've made stupid mistakes like that before. She may have practiced it a billion times and knew that she needed that 3 in there, but just got mixed up in the heat of the moment.

  6. She had the right answer in her head, judging by how she magically came up with the number 3. She just used it wrong. Maybe they just told her the answer is 3 and she didn't understand and decided to subtract by 3 or something.

  7. No, no. She's a trained professional. You try to keep straight face while pretending to be an expert in 3rd grade math :-)

  8. I absolutely would do this. It would end up mixed up, just like some people who accidentally forget words in sentences

  9. Yea, I could see her trying to do it live and being in her own head. Id probably do the same thing although I know 5 + X = 8 means that X=13 (duh).

  10. No lie that is something I probably would have done. I can't walk and chew gum at the same time, so to speak. I can't imagine having to talk about one thing while writing another.

  11. because X is 3 and she brain farted. This comes from the step she missed. She should have shown the transfer of the 5 to the other side of the = by subtracting it. She skipped a step and this is the easy mistakes you can make when you don't write out your steps.

  12. She already knew the answer. If it were a more difficult problem where X wasn't so obvious she might not have gotten them mixed up.

  13. I know you're just fucking around, and I don't know why I feel the need to clarify, but you don't have to respect anybody's opinion - just their right to have one.

  14. That’s used as an easy excuse to not only reject, but to outright demonize any opposing point of view. “I don’t like your opinion so I’m going to compare it to stating in incorrect raw fact to get others to board my bandwagon LOL ez win”

  15. Camera Operator: “Uhhhh…. Yeah let’s look over here at some other shit before I lose more brain cells trying to understand how she got that answer” 😆

  16. It is not news station, it is national TV from serbia and this is a morning programme that has various themes

  17. As a Serbian who lived in the United States all his life, it’s really bizarre hearing your native language spoken with a news casting dialect for the first time lol

  18. Honestly as somebody who can do most algebra in their head this is what happens when you force somebody to write out algebraic equations that are too simple. Your brain is already reached the answer since line one so somehow when you're writing it down in line two which is completely unnecessary for you you insert the answer instead of a number that belongs there

  19. She did basic algebra to solve for X. By taking the integer and making it on the other side. You can find out what is missing from the equation to make 5+x=8.

  20. That's not even how you solve it. You need to isolate X. If she had done that it would be impossible to screw up.

  21. Ma’’am you minus the five from the eight before you get the three(or well that’s how you get three, the answer to x)

  22. Rather than just learning math they had her just memorize what to write and she just messed up like flubbing a line. Wild that she didn’t catch it when she “x’d” out the 5…

  23. For years, my dad (Croatian) told me that Europeans are smarter in math. He hated how math was taught in Canada. Guess who’s about to watch this video.

  24. That's not even Russian. Why some people can't restrain themselves from bringing hate and politics fucking everywhere?

  25. She's just using unorthodox definitions of the symbols on the first line. Find the value for symbol "x", where symbol "5" has a value of three and symbol "8" has a value of eight. Answer is five, expressed using the international standard symbol this time. Maybe her deep goal was to express how abstract maths are and strongly depends on established symbol definitions and it's ok if you find it overwhelming, and that it doesn't seem to make any sense at first glance.

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