Does this mean the driver of this Jeep is an American asshole?

  1. it does indeed look like an anus, but i think that it is meant to be a unique variety of ice crystal.

  2. The blooming American Asshole. Native To North America, but often spotted abroad due to it's bright plumage. Some say it smells of freedom, others recognize the scent of oppression.

  3. I mean, it is an Idaho plate, and while they're not as bad as California drivers (seriously, those people are as pants on head behind the wheel) they're trying to be.

  4. We have a really cool flag. Why fuck with it? It almost always detracts and almost always seems disrespectful.

  5. …. It’s a jeep thing. Also. I borrowed a keep for a week. Everyone kept waving at me…. I was like wtf. Who are these people why are they waving at me like I’m on a some motorcycle? But yeah it’s a Jeep thing.

  6. Congrats, you can understand when people are being assholes to you. Jest, on the other hand, goes over your head like a midget on a hang glider, you wouldn't know it if you saw it, and by the time you figured it out, you'll be wondering why the rain is....warm.... And slightly salty.

  7. To anyone caught sticking their wangs in this, it's my patriotic duty to put my foot in yours......WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS TO MY FLAG, CHRIST!

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