The moment I knew I had to stop getting dressed in front of my kid (4)was when he drew a series of me, naked. I also learned it was time to shave.

  1. You might want to put that black bar over your eyes so no one will recognize you. Those are remarkably realistic.

  2. I have a very artful drawing from my then 4 year old of myself in the shower farting. A lot of detail went into the rendering of the fart.

  3. I really like how the artist has captured the moment of modesty on the largest one with the mother covering her chest.

  4. FWIW this is probably also a perspective issue. It's kinda like how the statue of David's head is actually a bit larger in proportion- designed that way to offset the perspective of being viewed from below.

  5. I accidentally walked in on my mom naked when I was a kid and she said I covered my eyes and shouted “I SAW YOUR BLACK THING”

  6. I was standing in line at Target a few years back. There was a lady in front of me with her 3-4 year old son, who spun around like he was going to give his mom a hug, except his face ended up buried in her crotch.

  7. When my friend’s little boy was 3, he went into the bathroom with her. He came back out and whispered in my ear “Mommy has 2 butts”

  8. I remember VIVIDLY when I was in 1st grade everyone was telling stories about their parents and what they don’t like about them or some crap like that. It was my turn and I had nothing to say so I just said the most random shit ever. I basically said my dad goes to the restroom and doesn’t wash his hands afterwords. Then that day my dad picked me up from school and I guess the teacher told him and he was so pissed at me, then we got to my grandmas house and my uncle kind of laughed it off, I was so confused as to how I should react lol. Good stuff

  9. These unrealistic body expectations are getting out of hand. Triangle body, big boobs, thick pubes. What next?

  10. I nannied years ago and the little girl who was 4ish at the time came barging into my bathroom once as I was buck naked getting into the shower. She stopped when she saw me and said “hey! my mom has feathers too!”

  11. Feathers omg that's so funny. Reminds me of my niece walked in on her dad and said he has a tail like a puppy but on the front

  12. 🥹🥹🥹 Oh wow that’s so so kind of you to say, really. Thank you for seeing something like that in his art lol, having a rough day and this made me smile :)

  13. For father's day at school my brother's class did drawings of their dads and answered various questions like "my dad likes to.... My brother answered it as "My dad likes to sing in the shower" and drew a very detailed full frontal image of our dad.

  14. My 4 year old walked in my room last night and took my blankets off me and started laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she says "mama, your 'gina has hairs on it!" While she's laughing hysterically. These kids are something else 🤦

  15. My favorite part is that this is marked NSFW as if any adult human is going to look at these drawings and immediately think another adult human drew them

  16. Yeah but what would people think if they looked over your shoulder at work and saw you looking at beaver shots drawn by a little kid?

  17. When I was like 6 I gave my dad a birthday card and inside of it I drew pictures of us camping, me stealing his swim trunks, and him naked and chasing me with his dick flopping all around. I don’t necessarily remember if that actually happened but I vividly remember his reaction to the card.

  18. My 5 year old announced to my parents that he was a grownup now because he slept naked like mommy does. I sleep in my underwear.

  19. That’s funny, I said to my husband “That’s actually a remarkably good drawing for a four year old, I bet he ends up being quite artistic”. I’m so glad he did!

  20. I'm impressed your 4-year-old draws accurately enough to have your post marked nsfw! At that age, my kids could only manage a bunch of scribbles and tell us "this is mommy naked"

  21. LOL aww I think your kiddos interpretive art of mommy sounds great too 😆😆😆 I’m also an artist myself so he’s always been drawing and painting and watching momma. Not that I draw nudes though lol.

  22. Mine added a penis to everyone, even her mom. It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't made at her preschool and she loudly explained that it was, in fact, a penis

  23. That's hilarious. We have some portraits our youngest did of us all at about that age and though of a very similar ability, you can tell immediately who is who.

  24. i showered with my mom for a long time.... maybe until i was 8 or so? but im a girl so maybe thats more accepted.

  25. Perspective changes things. The kid is nearly eye level down there, but can't see on top of her head. Makes sense.

  26. Hahaha I’m happy this could make you laugh, thank you! Truly one of the funniest moments as a mom for me. Yup gotta lock those doors! 😆

  27. Hilarious stuff! But I disagree, this is a natural thing for a 4 year old to wonder and think about those things. In Scandinavia we have a different perspective on nudity. My kid (1 grade) has school gym class every week and they all shower together as a class. This is the norm all the way though school, college and in general for all sports or fitness.

  28. For a 4 year old he’s perspective is pretty good. A future artist. Keep it and bring it out when he gets a new girlfriend. With the baby pictures of course. Let the years of therapy begin lol!

  29. Aw thank you! He drew this when he was 4, he’s almost 12 now, I’ve kept it for eight years folded secretly in his baby book for safe keeping. I absolutely have to whip it out when he has a GF, it’s what I deserve 😆🤍

  30. I am no expert, but you might want to think of having that right breast looked at by someone who is. Please know that I mean no disrespect and only have your health in mind.

  31. Can you imagine some 4 year old in cave man times making these drawings on cave walls for future humans to discover and try to decipher 🤣

  32. My moment was when my three year old started saying "hey mommy, nice boobs" every time I took my shirt off.

  33. We don't go out of our way to hide our naked adult bodies from our kids, and they (9 and 5) are not shy with us either. We don't make a big point of the nudity either (okay, maybe some butt jokes). I suspect it will change as the kids age, but so far we're staying the course.

  34. I’m a public librarian and one of my favorite moments was when this boy, about 4, was sitting at a table coloring with some other kids while his mom was at the other end of the room. The kids were chatting about something or other and suddenly the boy starts loudly and repeatedly telling them, “MY MOM HAS A VAGINA! MY MOM HAS A VAGINA!”

  35. OMG! LAST shower I took with my son, he told me my boobs looked like torpedoes! ROFL No more showering together after that!

  36. My buddy's kid drew his wife once and she was all slumped over and had a cigarette hanging from her mouth. He thought it was hilarious, she quit smoking soon after.

  37. I distinctly remember being around that age when I pointed to my mom right after she got out of the shower and asked "Do girl's dicks become boy's dicks?"

  38. LMAOOO. Oh jeez, I’m sorry that it’s burned in to your memory, but it’s a funny one from the outside to hear anyway haha. Valid question.

  39. Hey OP, you don't necessarily need to stop changing in front of your son. I have a kid his age and my wife and I decided that we wouldn't hide our bodies from him.

  40. We changed/change nude with our kids. Both young adult men now, not ashamed of their bodies or freaked out by anyone else’s.

  41. When I was about 4 my mom showered with me at a camp ground... I saw a string on her thigh and pulled while announcing, "Mommy, there's a string on your leg you missed rinsing off!" And that's when she knew I was too old.

  42. Haha!!! Don’t you just love kids. Yeah I won’t change in front of mine afraid they’ll do the same or tell their teachers something. Lol

  43. My parents knew when I cried because “ my mom and I didn’t have a tail like daddy” thank god I don’t remember this.

  44. I remember when I was young asking my mum why she had burnt cotton wool in between her legs!

  45. I don't think you should ever stop dressing on and off in front of your kid. You're only helping with sexualizing the naked body, by making it a nono look area. I am thankful that my family went to the public swimming pool once every week so I could look and compare myself to realistic naked bodies and no, not in a sexual way, but observing that I wasn't that different compared to others.

  46. not gonna lie I have a deep seeded memory of doing this exact same thing to my poor mother. also thanks, now I have to find a drill big enough to remove the memory of my nude mother from my brain

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