Our cat went on a ventilation vacation — had to lure her chonkiness out with fancy feast

  1. It's actually kind of amazing how reflective those eyes are like you can see the green / yellow reflected onto the ducting

  2. Hello and good day to you sir/madam, I am calling you from air duct cleaning services and we have a fantastic offer for you today! Please, can you tell me how many bedrooms there are on the top floor of your house?

  3. Honestly if you could train a cat (or a few cats of different sizes) to do this, you could probably start a business with the idea lol

  4. One cat bath is definitely less burdensome than an entire ventilation system’s cleaning. Or is it?

  5. One of my cats found a tiny hole in the drywall under the bathroom sink and got into the wall. I was able to locate him by sticking my phone into the crack, and there he was, just sitting there all fat and dusty looking up at the camera. I couldnt pull him out due to the angle, and due to his size, I didnt think he could get out on his own. Spent the whole morning trying to lure him out with cans, catnip, toys. Finally I went down to the basement and got my hand saw, was going to cut him out of the wall. Got back in the bathroom, and there he was, just chowing down on the canned food in the middle of the bathroom. He saw me, bolted, dove right back into that hole. Fucking cats.

  6. Double check her for cuts/scrapes. I'm a heating guy and the screws we put in those metal ducts are really nasty and will catch and scratch you regardless of if you are careful. Looks like they even used the 3/4" ones that are a little longer, I would be surprised if she didn't get a few little cuts here and there

  7. My old house had these tiny holes under the kitchen counters. One of my cats decided to squeeze in them one day and explore my house’s walls. Took about an hour of tempting her before I could grab her and squeeze her out. Almost had to call the firefighters.

  8. I had a ferret that found a hole in the floor of the laundry room of my apartment. He had fun running the length of the cell between my floor and the ceiling of the apartment below me. Fortunately, he got thirsty and I enticed him out with water. As punishment, he got a bath after that.

  9. When I read “ventilation vacation” I was fully expecting this cat to be in a vet’s office hooked up to monitors in a coma and I’m so glad I was wrong.

  10. My daughter's cat won't touch a treat. Absolutely no interest. He loves the hairball medicine though. He'll also come running if he hears someone eating chips.

  11. omg my grandmom had these - and it was hilarious to see the conditioning displayed by her cat whenever the temptations bag was moved. Shake, shake, shake indeed!

  12. I have offered my cats a variety of food like my sashimi or tuna salad or whatever I happen to be snacking on and they turn their noses up at it. Yet when they hear me even touch the Temptations bag they come running. What is it about Temptations??

  13. "I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope."

  14. I changed a trailer furnace in the morning. When the tenant got home later they found their cat was in the duct work. Fuck. Didn’t even see the cat at all, it must have got in in the few moments between carrying the old furnace out and the new one in. When we took the furnace off, the cat was ready to get out and came out like a shot. It was in their for 6ish hours.

  15. Trying to get our cat back from her escape, do cats love fancy feast? We tried chicken, tuna, fancy feast broth (salmon, chicken) and friskies

  16. It depends on the cat. But if your cat gets lost outside, try putting their litter box outside. They can recognize their own scent from quite a ways away and they'll come back to it.

  17. once my cat figured out how the ducts worked i had to literally drill the vent registers into the floor with four 3" wood screws. two wasnt enough. return filter cover as well.

  18. lol.. nightmare! I thought my cat had done something similar once and I tried to open up the vents and find her.... it was crazy. Then I turned around and she was sitting on a table behind me... wtf?! Never figured out how she houdini'd herself. The secrets cats keep!!!

  19. Just imagine walking past that in the dark and just seeing 2 eyes staring at you from the darkness. Cats are eldritch creatures confirmed.

  20. On the other hand, she may have cleaned out the ventilation for you. Took the dust with her on her way out. :)

  21. My cat loves to get in the box spring so I've had to do something similar. I don't understand why they love small spaces. I'd have a panic attack in something that tight lol

  22. I think your cat is just trying to take a portable terminal out there so he can patch in manually to bring the dropship down from the Sulaco.

  23. I would be dead in the water if my chonky cat did this! He ONLY eats Purina dry cat food. The one in the blue bag. Gotta be the blue bag. Guy isn’t even interested in tuna juice! Much less wet food. I guess he’s just part of my circus.

  24. Omg! My friggin cats did this in a hotel wall one year. They had a hole in the wall in the BR under the sink from fixing a busted pipe. I didn’t notice but my cats sure did! They had a blast running up n down through the walls scaring the other guests. Had to coax them out with wet food too.

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