What a man

  1. Female accomplices almost always pull the helpless damsel card when they get caught up. It’s such bullshit. And they get lighter sentences a lot of times too!

  2. Are they all the same robbers or three different sets? Strange how the same person is being targeted all in the same week. Are they working a repo?

  3. This has been reposted a lot. In one of the previous ones it had a link to the dude in the video. This didn't happen in a week, it was over several months and it was a shared garage for the apartment complex.

  4. I wonder if he’s leaving his garage open to catch these lowlifes in the act??? He’s pretty fast…. Almost like he’s expecting them lol

  5. Reminds me of that incident where they beat up & tried looting a grandpa. When the gramps started shooting, pop came the victim card... "Don't shoot... I'm pregnant!". Lol.

  6. If that was Texas and the robber killed someone that woman would be getting the same life sentence even if she was just sitting there lol

  7. If I remember right, this was in Seattle, Fremont neighborhood. A friend of mine lived in the same building and they had routine break-ins, and people stealing their mailboxes and cars. This guy really enjoyed catching them in the act and giving a good scare.

  8. Smart too, switched to a better weapon for causing cowardly thieves property damage so that their actions have real ramifications.

  9. A roommate once told me he was shopping for a home defense weapon and asked the gun dealer how to say "I have a gun" in Spanish in case he's ever robbed by someone who didn't speak English (the hope is the robber immediately flees instead of thinking he can rush him, forcing him to shoot which he didn't want to do unless he had to).

  10. I have a shotgun that is solely for home defense. I know how to aim and shoot just about any gun, but the last place I lived and this one essentially have no interior doors (small apartments, current is a loft and the last place had a bedroom door that didn't quite catch). If someone has already made it into my home, I don't have the time delay of someone having to get through a second door before they can get to me. And I don't wanna have to be a dead shot. That gun makes a monstrous scary noise when you cock it and I don't have to know exactly where to aim. I just need to know which general direction to point it if the sound doesn't immediately make an intruder turn tail.

  11. This guy is a beast, a bad-ass with no fear and I think I want him as my neighbor…the only thing holding me back from saying I definitely want him as my neighbor is fear of making him angry lol!

  12. I saw a series of these videos on YouTube by the guy defending his property. Apparently there had been multiple attempts to steal his bikes so he set-up cams to get footage. He had 3 or 4 incidents that I saw where he chased them outside and pulled his weapon on them.

  13. I can't see if this has been posted, so sorry for the double post, but here's this hero's YouTube channel where he posted the footage from his Ring for everyone to see.

  14. “You honestly didn't assume I would hire a look-alike to wear a fake beard and do tai chi in my window?

  15. I think the people who get caught committing crime and then kill or attack the witnesses are ever so slightly worse.

  16. I'll never forget my friend who walked out on his car getting stolen, was holding a drink, and lobbed it at the car. The people who stole his car had the audacity to hop out and try to fight him for throwing something at their car.

  17. The girl screaming from the car in the last clip is hopefully reevaluating who she spends time around. “I didn’t do anything!” Sure not technically but you are in the car on the scene of what most consider a fairly non trivial crime in progress. Choose your friends wisely.

  18. "I didn't do anything!" (In a shrill voice while burglar boyfriend tries to get her to move to the driver's seat... Closer to the badass owner).

  19. My head cannon says this always happens on laundry day so he has no choice but to wear them while he waits for the underwear to finish its drying cycle

  20. Wait a second… did that dude make the woman take the driver seat while the owner was there instead of taking it himself? What an absolute coward.

  21. This isn’t funny, this is sad. Some guy is up all night trying to protect his property night after night. I just don’t see the humor.

  22. Seattle is the only city I visited where my car was stripped while I had it in paid parking…. In front of the space needle.

  23. Amazing, I have to say I'm not sure I would have the same restraint this guy had especially if it kept happening. I wouldn't shoot if they are unarmed but someone's getting a baseball bat off the skull to send a message. "awwww yeah"

  24. A baseball bat to the skull would just aslo kill them lol. If you're going for non-lethal, you would need to hit them somewhere else, othewise you couldnt swing very hard or they'd just die still.

  25. You are the most patient man I know. I would have definitely had to have did a triple take to make sure no one was looking before I would have made a big mistake

  26. I'm from Canada and I have to ask, is crime really this bad there because where I live we still don't lock our doors. (We live 10 mins outside of a small city)

  27. The pure joy in his voice when he's running up with the bat tells me this dude is loving every second of this.

  28. That bitch really had the nerve to cry, "I didn't do anything 😭" You are literally the fucking getaway driver and an accomplice to all their illegal activity.

  29. The biggest crooks and most selfish thieves cry like little babies when they get caught. Immature Juvenile Vile Humans. And these are the Instagram People. These are the TikTokers. Just "regular folks" that have 0 morals.

  30. Listening to the women with absolute sheer panic in her voice screaming I didn’t do anything I didn’t do anything is poetic justice. Fuck robbers.

  31. I am shocked at his restraint ! After the first time most people are shooting on site. They got off way easy with the broken windows.

  32. My aunt used to live in Seattle proper and got woken up one night by the police knocking on her door because people had wheeled her Honda Civic (of course) into the road and were in the middle of stripping it when they got noticed and took off. She said they even took things like the arm rest.

  33. How is everyone getting into his garage so easily? Maybe a door and a lock would be a good investment. Just a thought.

  34. I think there's an explanation for this like a community port. But I also seem to believe he gets off on the justified defense.

  35. I approve of this. He didn't kill or hurt anybody but he made sure to let them know it can go there if they don't take their fu*king hint.

  36. Except, not one second of this is funny. None of you would be laughing if this happened to you. It would really suck to have to stay up all the damn time worried some piece of shit is going to come rob you and one day, they might just shoot you.

  37. That whiny bitch screaming I didn’t do anything, fuck that! You’re there and you know damn well why you’re there and what was about to go down. Fucking idiot.

  38. “Ahhh ha - yeeaaahhhh” guy running with a baseball bat about to break shit. I didn’t even need to watch the video, I could tell that by the sound of his voice 😂

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