Deadlift went up 50 pounds in a month. Is this normal?

  1. It is normal to get better at things after you’ve practiced them compared to when you never did them before.

  2. when i first started taking training seriously, i put 90 pounds on my deadlift in a month. getting more efficient with technique while ALSO getting noob gains is a lethal combo

  3. Fuck I miss newbie gains. Newbie gains are humongous jumps in your gains shortly after beginning lifting. If you’ve never done this stuff before, you likely have no idea what you’re capable of, and your body will begin making adaptations rapidly to what it’s being asked to do. Enjoy your newbie gains, in fact, take full advantage of them for as long as you can, because at some point you’ll start getting excited for a 5# PR and relish in those days.

  4. Normal! For advanced lifters, there's a pretty close correlation between strength and muscle. For new lifters, not only are you building muscle faster, but also a large part of strength in each lift comes from learning the movements, and CNS adaptations that allow you to more efficiently recruit your muscles.

  5. You have a massive frame to fill out. Don't go to hard to fast. Im 6'4 180 pretty lean and i deadlift about 260. Its one of the best exercises for tall guys along with weighted low rows. Keep it up bro nice noobie gains

  6. It's not perfect I was actually thinking of lifting lighter to get it down. I noticed I struggle with keeping my shoulders straight.

  7. How do you get your form perfect if you lift alone? Just video yourself? I’m 6’ 3” and about to start Greyskull. I’m nervous about form for all of my lifts, but deadlifting especially.

  8. It's fine but how can you follow 531 and still add so much? Kind of either/or but whatever. 5x5 or starting strength is more recommended programs for beginners, maybe you would have better progress with those for a year or so before going for the long and slow progression that is 531.

  9. That's what I was wondering as well. I've only been seriously weight lifting for the past month. Before that I had only done bench and that was for about 6 months mixed with pull ups and running.

  10. Absolutely. You're capable of lifting more than your body allows, specifically your central nervous system needs to adapt to the weight and allow you to. Deadlift is the best lift imo. Loved it when I was serious about lifting. I was 72kg and lifting about 150-160kg. Man I miss the gym.

  11. Yeah I went from 150-225 5 reps in a month-ish same as yours. I use a lifting belt though so it’s probably around 200 realistically.

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