Dark Mode, Always on WiFi, Power saver off, Adaptive battery off, 2G when home, Bluetooth off, Put some apps to deep sleep, WiFi battery savings etc. Note 10+ Exynos

  1. 😮 that's unbelievably long. I guess using wifi helps. At most I can get 5ish hours, at its best around 6 hours. I get those SOT on 5g, power saving on, adaptive battery on, have a lot of apps in deep sleep, dark mode on and sometimes have Bluetooth on.

  2. Exynos here too with the same specs apart from 2G while home. Maximum i get is like 5h and I have been charging the phone 15-90% since day 1 ( had it for 19 months now). I don't know what else to do to increase SOT

  3. Bluetooth off really is what does it. But if you had a smartwatch that requires a constant Bluetooth connection...this wouldn't be possible

  4. My phone tells me it should last about 10 hours, my device is 2 years old now, wouldn't mind getting the battery replaced but the price installed is around £100, to much, wish phones still had a removable battery

  5. How's your battery life holding up after these changes ? I've just set my bixby routines to turn on 2g when wifi is connected to my home. I hope this improves my SoT

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