[SPOILERS] Would love to have seen more scenes with these two!

  1. So true. The dialogs between Tywin and Arya were the best in the show. She wants to kill him, but still kind of respects him. He likes her but would hostage her in a second if he knew her identity.

  2. The only thing I hate is that they changed it from the books. Arya could’ve changed the fates of everyone if she would given jaqen Tywin’s name. It makes more sense in the books because he isn’t there, but Stannis would’ve won the war and been king if she would’ve just thought for a minute.

  3. He also used her to taste test his food after his guard was assassinated because he believed the attempt was on his own life. The man always put strategy and survival above respect and admiration.

  4. This was one of the best changes from the books. I know D&D messed up much of the later seasons but this was a great change.

  5. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but this is one of those things wich I ended up liking more in the series than in the books. Surely it could've something to do with the fact that I read the books after watching the show and that probably had tainted my opinion. And of course, the fact that Twyin was my favorite character, Charles Dance did an absolutely amazing job portraying him.

  6. I disagree. As much as I loved the Arya/Tywin dynamic in the show, I find it hard to believe that Tywin wouldn't work out who Arya was.

  7. There’s a fanfic centered about her being stuck at Harrenhal for longer and eventually being caught by Tywin and held as his captive. The author wanted to just doubledown on the dynamic Arya and Tywin have in these scenes.

  8. I feel like a complete dumbass. I read fic like I breathe and it has never once occurred to me that there might be fic of these two. I loved them so much and we didn't get nearly enough in the series. Lo and behold!!

  9. I agree. They were fantastic together. The simmering tension! I wonder what Tywin would have done with her if he’d known who she was? He knew she was bluffing but not I think that she was a Stark.

  10. These were some of my favorite episodes! The dynamic and dialogue were killer. Such complex undertones of appreciation and suspicion.

  11. More scenes with Tywin and anybody would have been an improvement. Hell, just eliminate the entire night king arc and replace it with nothing but Tywin and it'd be an improvement.

  12. I think it really showed Maisie Williams’ abilities as a young actor to work so well with such an experienced veteran of stage and screen.

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  14. That scene really captured the spirit of the book. It was so tense wondering if he was going to realize he’s speaking to Arya Stark.

  15. I would’ve loved to see more scenes with Sansa and Dany without them just pitting them against each other for no fucking reason other than tHeiR wOMen sO TheY ArE CaTtY

  16. I enjoyed the scenes with Tywin and Arya also. I think Arya didn’t did not give Jaq’en Haagar Tywin’s name because she respected him. In a way he also respects her. He doesn’t know who she is exactly, but he’s smart enough to know her backstory is false and he suspects she’s not baseborn as she pretends.

  17. Imagine how butchered Tywin's character would have been if he lived up to season 8. Im glad he died while the show was still good

  18. Arya only made one exception when it came to removing a name from her list. Which was The Hound as we all know. One thing that always bothered me is Ser Illyn Payne’s name mysteriously vanishing. In the books he’s with Jaime and he’s helping Jaime learn swordplay using his left hand. Unlike the show where he just ceased to exist. I read he got cancer in real life and wasn’t doing the show however that didn’t necessarily mean his name on the list automatically went with him. Little things bug the hell out of me.

  19. These scenes may be the ones I remember the most from the show, they had the best from GoT in my opinion: great dialogues with amazing characters.

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