[No Spoilers] Which great house or region has the best fighting men?

  1. Even though they are not a house I would choose the unsullied and dothraki, because Those guys come back to life after being killed...

  2. I think it totally depends on what type of battle it is and on what ground. Not including the Unsullied, it feels like Stormland infantry for just a strait up line battle is the best. I always picture them as heavily armored with pikes and such. The Vale seems to have the best heavy armored cavalry followed closely by the Westerlands and the Reach. On an open plain I would not want to face off against the Dothraki at all as history has shown what light horse archers can do to any army. The North seems well rounded but mostly seems like Vikings a bit in that they have big tough dudes while not really being better armed or armored than their opponents. The Dornish are known for their spears so a strait line battle on even ground seems like their best option but on uneven ground I doubt they would do well. Also they are probably not that heavly armored. The Riverlands military seems kind of pathetic based on how wealthy those houses should be. I honestly don't see the Riverlands really defeating any of the other regions strait up except the Iron Islands. And the Ironborn themselves are really Sea raiders and not much else.

  3. There is no simple answer to this. Certain styles of troops are easily countered by one type while dominating others. There is no best fighting men, there is just best suited for the situation.

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