[No Spoilers] Character tier list!

  1. For Robb I honestly have no reason. Most of the times I do, but It´s just a feeling that I don´t like him. I don´t want to put him down and understand it is your favorite but he felt off to me for no reason.

  2. Margaery really isn’t that manipulative and very empathetic still, I feel like Cersei projecting her own demons onto her in AFFC has really diluted the fandom’s view on her.

  3. Also the reasoning for 'mixed feelings' is strange. Tywin is manipulative, Olenna is manipulative, Cersei, Tyrion, etc. Why is Margaery then discounted for the same behavior?

  4. Personally would’ve put Arya and Cersei in the S tier as I think they’re both great, well developed characters. They’re two of my favorites!

  5. I donnt know myself. It started as a favourites list but there were so many I couldn´t really rank so I based of other things. Cersei for example, I hated her for her actions, but she´s also such an interesting character and that´s why I think she´s great at the same time.

  6. Yeah kinda. I really didn´t know where to put her but I do like her a lot sometimes she was just fake kind and that´s why she isnnt in S or A tier.

  7. Really confused about why Margaery is getting singled out on her own “mixed feelings” category for being manipulative when like 50% of the people above her were manipulative too 🙄

  8. Manipulative in another way, less clear and more hadden. She came across as very kind, but kindness was also her weapon. Honestly I could make a whole category about characters where I don´t know here to put them, but that would be too big. Honestly Tywin, Robb and Robert and manh other would be there. Idk why I made one for Margaery, I like her I guess but not enough for A or S

  9. Stannis made poor decision after poor decision I don’t understand why everyone ranks him so high. He was one of the only characters I wanted to fast forward through all his scenes he’s so boring

  10. People have subjective tastes and might not like certain characters no matter how informed they are about the lore.

  11. Ill downvote any list where Viserys isnt at least A tier and you actually put him in the lowest tier together with Euron and lower than (Show)Mance and Daario

  12. I did put him in the D tier put he´s my favorite of the D tier though. It´s hard to put them in groups you know. Euron on the other hand, I really really really disliked.

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  14. Well mine wouldve looked alot different. Some would be brienne far lower and dany at the bottom. Ramsey, robb and tywin would take up some of the top teir and so would stannis tbh even if i like him better in the books

  15. I thought Ramsey was an amazing villain en I personally like Brienne a lot, but I understand Dany. I probably would´ve put her lower, but I didn´t want to get slaughtered by this community. Some people are really obsessed with her. I´m not the biggest fan of Tywin but maybe if I read the books that´ll change my perspective. I think I don´t like Tywin because of his relationship with Tyrion, but I mean I did like Cersei and she despised Tyrion as well.

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