HOTD S1E6 - Post-Episode Discussion

  1. Also he refused his own son harwin as a potential match over laenor to rhaenyra. Had he pushed his own son things might have gone better for the two of them. Lionel and harwin strong.

  2. I wanna know how she got all the way to the beach by herself after being bedridden and swarmed in maesters a few seconds earlier. Woulda been better if Daemon was there all along, supporting her choice.

  3. You could feel Vhagar trying to deny the command to essentially mercy kill her. Awesome how they did that with CGI.

  4. I legit giggled at the end when he was doing his monologue and seeing Alicent's reaction. I was not expecting him to be that ruthless to his own family.

  5. Yeah I was spoiled by my friend that said that she knew she wouldn't survive and wanted to ride her dragon one last time, so I expected her to somehow get on top of Vaghar and die while flying, but this is more sad, less glorious, and much more shocking, specially when her daughters saw the burnt corpse.

  6. The dragon sounded so desperately pained and heartbroken. And then it obeyed its mistress anyway! The wailing sound it made is without question the saddest moment in the entire GOT universe for me. I immediately teared up and I'm doing it again now just thinking about it.

  7. The ever present power struggle continues and has many more players now. The Alicent/Larys dynamic is a very interesting plot line to continue forward.

  8. Not just vibes. I'm gonna say by the number of bodies we saw being carried out of Harrenhal that he fully qualifies as a mass murderer now.

  9. Props to the sound engineer on this series. They've really honed in on sex, masturbation and child birthing sounds.

  10. It was actually distracting that he still looks the same. They recast or aged up nearly everyone, but Criston still looks like a 20 year old male model.

  11. It’s so jarring how they age some characters or even replace actors entirely but for Criston and Matt Smith they give no fucks.

  12. So I just realized. Since Alicent didn't even bat an eye at Aegon masturbating this means he either has done this before or he's done so much other fucked up shit that she's gotten used to it.

  13. Also - Alicent saying she’s surprised that any of Rhaenyra’s kids dragon eggs hatched, implying they wouldn’t because they’re only “half” Targaryen.

  14. Me and my brother joked that Viserys doesn't actually care about ruling, he loves being a family man though and match making is what gets him excited lol. He would love a Westeros version of Love is blind or whatever.

  15. Rhaenyra tried to squash the beef with a practical level-headed and peaceful solution to the succession issue in this episode but Alicent was having none of it.

  16. Yeah, Alicent's whole issue about her kids being killed by Rhaenyra is in her own head. The woman even offered to unite their two branches in marriage so they'd be able to share the throne.

  17. Part of it is because they're enemies now. Part of it is because you don't want to attach yourself to a bastard. Alicent would be marrying off her daughter to an illegitimate Targaeryan.

  18. Alicent is those ‘holier than thou’ and is mad she had to bang the old guy while Rhaenyra gets it her way. No way she wants to let the ‘bastards’ marry her blood. Conservative woman.

  19. Daemon: "you lost the father of your chldren...I lost the mother to've got boys...I've got girls....let's break this Targeryon dynasty in together!"

  20. I hate Criston Cole so much. I kinda understand him hating Rhaenyra cuz she made him break his vows. But taking that out on blameless children is such a dick move

  21. Dude I was shocked… like how? Why? I thought he was going to play a bigger part especially now that he had 3 kids with Rhaenyra. We didn’t get to explore anything about him

  22. In an earlier episode I believe it's a flower he said isn't native to that area but it's thriving. Assume it's alluding to him putting himself in a position of power now

  23. Last episode Larys was actually introduced to us and the queen Alicent, while casually mentioning a rare flower from Essos?

  24. Why couldn't Rhaenyra and Laenor just have a couple of kids together? Couldn't have been that difficult. And just Moon Tea inbetween.

  25. It's kinda been established that Rhaenyra is stubborn, selfish, and doesn't really think or care about consequences of certain actions. I also think Alicent, being the absolute bitch she is, would find something else to use to sow doubt about even those kids' legitimacy.

  26. It’s possible Laenor was sterile. Or maybe he just couldn’t finish with Rhaenyra. At that point, it’s just important to have an heir no matter what. But for real though if it were me I would’ve been drinking moon tea daily and/or not letting Harwin finish inside me 🥴 seems like common sense

  27. Rhaenyra specifically said last episode that they’ll do their duty but can fuck around afterwards. They didn’t even do that 😂

  28. Can't wait to see exactly how fucked up Aegon is and how hilarious it is that Alicent's been overlooking it because her father's fantasies of birthright ascendence live in her head rent-free :)

  29. Honestly, I think Aegon’s just a normal teenage boy, a bit over privileged but fine. It’s the broody little brother who’s scaring me. He’s got those “Carrie” vibes.

  30. Definitely feels like it so far. While Rhaenyra certainly is kinda of egocentric and lied about the whole Criston affair, she hasn't really shown any kind of hostility towards Alicent and her children. Hell, the marriage proposal this episode was a nice way to clear the air, but Alicent immediately dismissed it...

  31. Allicent is supposed to be preparing Aegon to be ruling instead he's beating off on the balcony on to the townspeople.

  32. Lyonel Strong may be my favorite hand of the king ever. It’s nice to see someone in that position thrive during their time without compromising their honor or put their own self interests first.

  33. Yeah I was always a little suspicious of him bc I thought no one in Kings Landing could be that honorable but he proved me wrong.

  34. All the kids was the most jarring thing about the time jump. I'm already settled in with Rhaenyra and Alicent.

  35. Lol mine walked in, saw Rhaenerya, said ew and went to bed. Thankfully we have way better medical technology.

  36. Larys fucking sucks lmao. Harwin is was such a good/supportive dad, loved seeing him kick Criston's shit in. Vhagar being apprehensive burning Laena was sad too see. Viserys is gonna looking the chocolate grandma from Spongebob next week jesus lol. Both Emma and Olivia killed it in their first outings!

  37. I love the contrast between Daemon and Viserys when put in the same situation of power over the birth of their children. Dameon continues to become a deeper and deeper character with more and more contrasts to his darker qualities.

  38. The parallels were obvious, but by the time of Daemon's "dilemma" he remembered what happened when Visereys did it and likely thought "do I really want a two hour child in exchange for a woman I actually love?"

  39. To be fair it wasn't as if he needed a male heir to ascend the throne, I actually think it was a cop out. Also the doc made it clear the baby might not live, whereas the maester did not provide that nuance.

  40. I feel so sorry for Vhagar. In the past 171 years of her life, she has lost her siblings, Meraxes first and Balerion next; and her three past riders. First, Visenya; then Baelon, and now Laena. That could be why Vhagar was hesitant on killing Laena because she didn’t want to lose another rider that she had bonded with. Can you imagine the heartache of someone as old as her with so many different individuals you care about all dead?

  41. “When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

  42. Ser Crispin beat someone to death and is still in the Kingsguard, Ser Harwin gives a well deserved ass whooping and gets dismissed from the City Watch, hmm

  43. I think she's definitely a seer of some sort. When Alicent says Aemond will have a dragon she mutters something about eyes. I suspect it'll become significant.

  44. I felt like I was having a stroke at the beginning trying to make sense of everything, but by the end of the episode, I felt like I knew who was who and what was going on.

  45. Yeah it was pretty blatant on Larys' part. It's literally on your cane. I suppose instead of little birds or spiders we get bees

  46. Alicent is that one person who thinks she's the smartest person in the friend group, when in reality she is the drama. She's so hell bent on there being strife, that she is creating it with her own hands. She's literally forcing her fathers words to come true. Leana would of been such a better queen.

  47. can we talk about how this whole show wouldn’t have happened if Alicent would just accept the marriage proposal for her daughter to be queen? she’s acting like she’s marrying so low by taking that proposal but

  48. Can’t give enough props to Alicent’s actress for making me hate her even though I agree with everything she’s said and put forth.

  49. Alicent : You guys don't understand! People will get killed over the succession of the throne and I need to protect you!

  50. Wow 10 years can really turn someone bitchy, I’m looking at you Alicent. -_- I empathized with her situation the first 5 episodes, but this episode is def more reminiscent of the scheming book Alicent and I’m #teamblack all the way because omg she has no redeeming qualities now wtf was that

  51. Loved that Daemon didn't want to make his wife suffer just to have another baby. The contrasts (good and bad) between him and Viserys are fascinating.

  52. Well technically he never said he didn’t.. it went quiet then they realized she was already on her way to get torched by the dragon

  53. My biggest problem with the show right now (and I am really enjoying it BTW) is how fast everything is moving. The last few episodes especially, there is very little build up for big moments, and from episode to episode we get no direct repercussions of the big moments of the previous episode... like we have that crazy fight at the end of the last episode, vastly changing the trajectory of several main characters, and we don't even get a word discussed about it, we don't see the immediate aftermath, all we get is a mean, fleeting glance... I wish the show would let the actual intrigue breath a little bit.

  54. Felt like it was kinda rushed, still liked it. RIP my babies Harwin and Leana. That Sir Rice Krispin can go STRAIGHT to hell with Alicent lol. Paddy is a great actor!!

  55. Laena’s death was so sad yet so beautiful! The moment of peace and satisfaction she feels when she realizes that vhagar listened to her command is indescribable..: I mean that dragon fire glow on her face was beautiful …. Such a heartbreaking moment for her and for vhagar…

  56. Christon Cole is like that toxic ex who now follows Andrew Tate and can’t let it fucking go. Dude, move on. It’s been 10 years bud.

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