HOTD S1E7 - Post-Episode Discussion

  1. I feel so bad for Rhaenys. Imagine this pressure from everyone, and you wanting something, not getting, it, getting over it, and then your significant other still tries to achieve this DESPITE how dearly it's costing you.

  2. I mean, the old houses like the Lannisters and the Starks have been around for more than 8000 years, pretty sure at some point they let a bastard or something inherit their seat so their house would not die

  3. Love the Targaryen wedding in the style of the old ways of Valyria. Dragonglass and blood magic was a great touch. I always felt like more Targaryens should have kept to their old Valyrian gods in secret.

  4. So Daemon's new step-sons are his grand-nephews. Rhaenyra's new step-daughters are both her cousins and nieces by marriage. Luke and Jace were Baela and Rhaena's first cousins once removed, and now they're all step-siblings.

  5. The scene where Lucerys said he didn’t want to be lord of driftmark because it would mean everyone was gone… heartbreaking. The kid is so much wiser than his years.

  6. I love this little fucked up family that just formed. Clearly niece and unc are meant for each other. And the step-sibling/cousins clearly got each other's backs....

  7. That's how you do "I don't want it" D&D. One line and it was so much better than anything Jon gave in Season 8.

  8. One of my main gripes with the story is that a lot of this would be under control if there wasn’t anarchy in these family events. Everyone in GoT had kind of their own security outfits so people couldn’t just fuck each other up wantonly.

  9. To be fair, the kingsguard job is to defend the royal family. If they fight each other, it is kinda awkward to know who to defend. Cole mentioned this when he said the kingsguard never had to defend princes from each other.

  10. Great line! Can anyone tell me what Daemon said to Sir Otto after the burial? I had not trouble with the dark filters, but I did have a hard time making out what he said in that scene.

  11. Every time there’s a time-skip, I’m like “how are you still alive?” Dudes gonna be sitting on the golden throne 40k style before long.

  12. poor Aegon man. he just wants to chill and enjoy being a spoiled child. that "me?" wss hilarious

  13. Daemon doing Daemon things. Laughing at the funeral of his wife and laughing at the squabble with the family kids LMFAOOOO

  14. "I'm the kinda guy who laughs at a funeral. can't understand what I mean, you soon will" -Bare Daemon Ladies

  15. I totally get it though, ever been at a family reunion and just kinda sit back and watch the chaos? Man was having a good time lol. Daemon is the best.

  16. Crispo being like "Hey, Larys has been staring at you throughout the entire funeral, want me to do something about it?" and so Alicent's like "Man, it's great that I have this guy who's eager to do some heinous shit for me, but I gotta tell him to be more subtle so it doesn't get traced back to me."

  17. are all his conversations with Alicent gonna be him casually implying atrocities while Alicent looks back at him fearfully, wondering what exactly the fuck she got into bed with?

  18. HAHAHAH all I could think of the whole time was Harry on Buckbeak!!! Like once he gains his confidence bahahaha

  19. Definitely was starting to feel like Alicent was holding too many cards with the dragons up her son's sleeves. But now we got Rhaenyra and Daemon together. Playing field is leveled

  20. Last episode, Laena tells Daemon "We're the blood of the dragon, we gotta remember that and go back to Westeros" and Daemon brushes it off, despite him staying up late at night reading Targ histories.

  21. Man poor Viserys just wants his family to be happy. The shot of all the dragons flying over Driftmark was sick. Battlelines/sides are taken metaphorically and literally. What a fucking GREAT episode.

  22. The whole show so far is basically everyone around Viserys being horrible to each other and Viserys going "what the hell is wrong with you people?"

  23. I feel so terrible for Viserys he is arguably one of the better kings we have seen in the entire series, yes he has his faults but you know when Aerys and Joffrey and Tommen (okay I love Tommen, no slander here) and Robert and the likes are the comparison you have he's done pretty damn good to keep the land at peace and trying to bond his family together.

  24. I understood his lack of action and trying to hold stuff together before, but he was particularly inept this time. The demand for the eye and then the dagger attack were pretty indefensible. She should have been at least arrested and confined to her quarters there. Also, why the hell is the kingsguard not breaking up that fight! It's not like the knife was at someone's throat!

  25. Everytime they cut the scene I think "well that's the last time I'll see him". Dude has been hanging from a thread forever.

  26. Oh also loved that scene between Rhaenys and Corlys. She sees right though his posturing that getting their children married to the throne is vindication for her being passed over for the throne simply for being a woman, when really it's his own ambition. And then Corlys' resistance to leave Driftmark to Laena's daughters shows he is exactly the same. Real complexity to these characters.

  27. Yes! That scene was wonderful. My favorite part was that I could totally see it from both sides. She’s just done with the politics and wants to be happy. She’s also clearly mourning and taking it out a little bit on Corlys.

  28. History remembers names not blood- That line was epic kinda like a dig at Jon Snow how he ends up saving everyone from Dany but they still shit on him for being a “bastard queen slayer” when ironically he is by blood the next in line

  29. And the same could be said about the future Baratheons (Tommen and Joffrey), the Future Warden of the North Ramsay Bolton.

  30. I like how HotD is like remember that one dagger? Yeah well it's super important and we use it all the time.

  31. oh you mean this dagger that contains the prophecy the entire series is based around and definitely not ruined in Season 8?

  32. No, and that’s what Cole even gets at. He is assigned to protect the Queen, but of course the reigning Targaryen monarch has absolute authority over his Kingsguard.

  33. He answers to the King and his primary duty is to protect the queen. His line about “protection” is true but a bit of a hair splitting.

  34. And Lucerys gave one line of explanation and that made more sense than anything Jon said Season 8.

  35. So do we think they keep with the tradition from GOT where the episode before the finale was always some crazy battle sequence or event?

  36. Rhaenys is also a dragon rider but not sure how supportive she is of her son in law and daughter in law at this point in time

  37. WOW! What in the ever living fuck just happened. There was SO MUCH! I am so happy for Laenor and his beloved, it's rare there are relatively happy endings in GOT.

  38. Aemond name dropping Aegon was hilarious. Also it doesn’t seem like Aegon had problems with Rhaenyra kids being bastards well until today it seems

  39. She is so paranoid that Rhaenyra will kill her children she didn't take the get out of jail free card of just marrying her children to Rhaenyra's that was offered last episode.

  40. Last week I complained that this show was moving too fast from my liking. This week on the other hand, I realized that every other episode is basically like a season finale. It continues to surprise me, it is really good.

  41. It hasn’t even set up to the point of actual conflict in the book yet, I thought it would have moved a lot quicker tbh b it they’re doing a great job at building the characters and world.

  42. I love the idea of some random soldiers being like hey guys did you notice when laenor died jimmy just disappeared? Like I haven’t seen jimmy since then.

  43. Cole didn't go after Rhaenyra's kid,he said no. She grabbed his dagger and took off. He went after her and Daemon stepped in.

  44. So how did Daemon and Rhaenyra make their marriage after the death of Laenor not sus for everyone? Like if I was Corlys and my son died and my daughter in law just married to her uncle… id be fuming no?

  45. It's supposed to look sus - everyone will see that they're ruthless and powerful and they'll probably either tell Coryls or he'll stick with them for his granddaughters

  46. I mean you heard her voiceover during the montage. She said there would be whispers that his death was their doing…so it’s not like this is something that’s going away.

  47. The Queen consort just tried to kill her in front of everyone after demanding her son have his eye cut out. She could argue that being a widow made her vulnerable and getting married again so fast was 100% a way to get more protection for her and her kids.

  48. They said it would be very sus........but nobody would overly challenge them because they're afraid of just what Rhaenyra is capable of.

  49. That line was delivered so well. Really encapsulates what I couldn’t put into words about Alicent this whole time!

  50. Idk how the fake out plan between Rhaenyra, Daemon amd Laenor is going over everyones was all planned between them and the squire guy, Im high as fuck and everthing made sense to me

  51. I always watch the next day, for some reason I decided to stay up and watch it live tonight. So glad I did. I was able to watch it with the lights off and see everything. Probably would have been difficult tomorrow in a bright house.

  52. How the literal fuck is ser criston not fired. The king really is useless. I would have killed half of them for all this defiance by now

  53. The first 15 minutes was a fantastic tense scene with barely any dialogue, that cleverly paints a full picture of the state of relationships between each character in this series, it was very well directed from Sapochnik.

  54. Seriously Cole needs to be taken several pegs down. He is so insolent and incompetent in his role it's kind of a shock he hasn't been fired yet.

  55. Fantastic episode, the build up was slow but honestly perfect. Once Aemond mounted Vhagar the episode took off at warp speed.

  56. Larys: You want an eye? I can get you an eye, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me.

  57. Surprised only an eye and were cut during all that fighting. Thought that someone was getting killed in the middle of the episode.

  58. People from Driftmark: "Uhh, Seasmoke seems to be following those two men rowing out to the sea, one of whom looks suspiciously like Laenor with a haircut."

  59. In last week’s episode when discussing admins getting a dragon Helaena said he would have to “close an eye.”

  60. No one is enraged that Vhagar was stolen right after Laena’s funeral? Really? The biggest known fucking dragon in Westeros?

  61. Well Rhaenyra and Daemon planned the fake death…that’s why Daemon told Qarl to make it visible, and why he killed a servant right before Lawnor and Qarl duel.

  62. Is it bad to not even feel that supporting Rhaenyra and Daemon is wrong in the slightest? 🤯🤣🥰 I’m like cheering on that union with all my heart 🥹

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