What's the most addictive game ever?

  1. Any MMORPG. WoW is the biggest and first to come to mine however they’re all pretty different and all addicting (RS, FFXIV, Lost Ark, etc).

  2. Specifically, the ones where you have to pay a subscription - makes you feel so much more obligated to play because hey, I already paid for this time - I’ve gotta use it!!

  3. For me Stardew Valley. When I first got those little farm upgrades and started mining I was hooked for 400 hours easy. Then I got to play around and try different farm setups. After that it was mod time.

  4. Don't know about retail but Wow classic is a dumpster fire. It's one of those games I'd absolutely love to get stuck into but it has so many issues (mostly community driven) which put me off from ever touching it again. The only hope now is private servers, so we're essentially back at square one.

  5. MLB The Show's Road to the Show mode. The bite-sized chunks of gameplay got me addicted for 3 years. I played as a hitter and only took your own at-bats. It has that "one more turn" feeling that one might get from Civilization.

  6. Yes, this! Love to log on for a quick at bat. The one thing which might stop me buying the next version of diamond dynasty is a forced 9 inning game, I love jumping into it for a handful of innings.

  7. Loz ds even though they are not great Zelda game but collecting boat and train parts and also mini games are so addicting.

  8. Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons. They’re just so relaxing and chill to play that I’ve lost track of time countless times while playing.

  9. League of Legends been addicted since season 1, I've played many other games like Wow and Rs but the quick 30min fix of owning a team because you played better is very satisfying. Once you mature enough to where losing video games doesn't upset you its great fun.

  10. Diablo 2. The grind is intense but it feels great when you find upgrades for your character and just become more and more efficient at runs.

  11. Judging purely from steam library, Terraria and and Stardew Valley. I dare you to spend 20 bucks and get more entertainment than those 2 games combined.

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