We’ve been making a strategy game about ants for over 6 years, and we’ve finally got around to adding fire ants!

  1. Once for a school project a student read a fact “ants can lift up to 6 times their body weight”. Dressed as an ant I had go on stage and lift a big piece of cardboard. I remember how proud my mum was.

  2. It needs to be at least three times big, how are they supposed to learn if they can’t fit in the building?!

  3. I've played around a hundred hours of Empires. It's the closest I've played to recapturing those sim ant feelings, but it's got a bit more work they need to put in.

  4. How is that? If I'm looking to play Honey I Shrunk the Kids: the Game, is it exactly that? Is it open world or level-based? I tried It Takes Two and was a little disappointed with how the "being small" thing was handled.

  5. It really looks nice, however your steam reviews are saying that there's little to no progress on the game, content is very little and coming too rarely (they are mentioning years between updates). So, will it be ever done, when it's worth buying? :)

  6. The update between Leafcutter Ants and Fire Ants was admittedly very long, however we have developed Fire Ants and the follow up update simultaneously so the gap will be much shorter now!

  7. i bought it like two or three years ago and put a decent amount of time into it. If you liked SimAnt back in the day, you'll probably enjoy this. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

  8. I'd agree with the comments saying content is lacking and slow. I bought the game for my kids, and the dev progress has been glacial. If you're interested just wait until it's fully launched.

  9. Played the game a year or two ago. Agree with those comments. Potential is there but it needs more work than just fire ants.

  10. I think it's ridiculous for people to buy an early access game and then complain when the developers don't work on the schedule that the users think they should be working on.

  11. You might want to mention that it's called Empires of the Undergrowth so people don't have to watch the trailer again if they forget what it's called.

  12. Thanks! It's harder than it sounds to add level editing (or pretty much any feature we didn't plan for at the start). We were very new to game development at the start and made tons of mistakes leaving us with a lot of "technical debt". The best option is to start fresh with something else and add level editing and other things like multiplayer into the foundations. We've got to get the first edition up to scratch before we do that though, or it wouldn't be fair to everyone who bought it in early access.

  13. Alot of mobile game ads use this dudes first trailer for some reason for their games. I'm used to it by now and just report them. I've personally gotten like 10 different game titles with the ad. Kinda like how alot of shitty car games on mobile use BeamNG (an awesome soft body physics simulator game) for thier trailers.

  14. I read this as we've finally gotten around to adding ants and I was like damn I'd sure hope so six years in

  15. I'm so excited for this update! I've been playing your game on and off for a long time and it's one of my favorite games ever! I love ants, and the way the game plays, as well as the story mode, the narrarator, the music, the scientists, are all so well done!

  16. Fun game to play!! Appreciate the update. Played through for about 30 hours about a year ago, time to pick it back up and see how the update is.

  17. Oh man I love this game been playing since it came out. Empire of the undergrowth has a special place in my heart. Thank you for the hard work you've put into it, I've enjoyed every update so far and always go back and replay it.

  18. Fucking finally. been wanting something like this for around 10 years, the starcraft 2 mod got me thinking how badass an ant rts would be.

  19. 6 years wtf? We've been designing concepts for aircraft for that long and have systems in place... seems about the same

  20. Been playing for a the past few days and it’s a great game! Love the narration and the entire vibe of the game, definitely looking forward to getting farther in.

  21. OP, you should read a litRPG book called Chrysalis. dude gets reincarnated as an Ant in a magic world and it sounds like you're it's target demographic

  22. I'd love to revisit the concept with other social insects - though flying creatures presents a whole new set of problems for an RTS. We are adding termites soon...

  23. This is one of those games I think “hmm this looks interesting, I’ll just play it a bit” and then I don’t see my family for 3 months.

  24. If you ever start selling this game, you 100% need to buy ads on the AntsCanada channel on YouTube. You would get a million downloads the first day

  25. Holy crap! I'm hooked on this game! It scratches all the right RTS itches, and is so incredibly informative about ants! I played the demo for it over a weekend and immediately purchased it. Each species plays differently, and having the "home base" and upgrade system is fun.

  26. Actually its main inspiration is Dungeon Keeper and StarCraft (with a love for bugs from the developers!)


  28. EXUSE ME? How do I know more about this game!? I've been looking for something like this since the SC:BW custom map rendition of Sim Ant

  29. Iv got it already. Its good. Make more levels. It could be easier to upgrade ur ants too. Having to do the same mission 2 or 3 times to get enough resources to build up ur main hive is a bit long.

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